difficult child said I am going to ruin his birthday !

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, May 25, 2010.

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    Let difficult child know he has Karate class tonight and to please finish up his homework. He then through a mother of a temper tantrum and said I am going to ruin his birthday. His birthday is not until tomorrow and he has no extra curricular actitivies scheduled. I planned to pick up his favorite pizza and have a cake and then a few birthday gifts. He
    blames me for a fly landing on him. LOL Anyhow, his teacher informed me he made it into the gifted math program (atleast I had some good news 2day):D
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    The gifted math class is good! Hopefully it will keep him challenged and interested in the material. Wiz always got into the most trouble when the work was much too easy for him.

    He sure must think you are powerful!!! Not even MY mom could make the flies behave!!! Maybe you need a SuperMom shirt to show how powerful you are. You could wear it with your Cape of Omniscience!!

    Isn't it amazing how our kids can blame us for every little thing? It gets so frustrating to be on your end of it, doesn't it?? I sometimes could get Wiz out of that "blame Mom" mood by telling him all the other things I "did". Since you are that powerful, maybe he should thank you for creating video games, television, movies, and junk food!!! Flowers, books, EVERYTHING!!

    Even if it didn't snap Wiz out of his mood it amused ME!

    Which went a long way toward keeping me from strangling him.

    I am sorry he is in such a mood.
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    LOL Susie it does get so frustrating when EVERYTHING is your fault.... He could bang his leg on the chair and I could be upstairs and somehow I am to blame... Very sad ... I have to say aLside from his moods and tantrums he had a great week at school and he made the All-Star baseball team. He is one heck of an athlete. Hopefully tomorrow (being that it is his birthday) he will be in a better mood. Have a wonderful holiday weekend !!!!:smug:
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    Yep-the old blame game! Story of my life with difficult child. Hugs!