difficult child totalled her car!! Only 6 days!!!

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OMG, difficult child was making a left hand turn into Burger King, but not before an old lady slammed into her and crushed the front passenger side of her car. According to witnesses, difficult child had enough space to make the turn and that the old woman 'charged' at her car. Anyway, her car is totaled and now she has no car and we are back to driving her everywhere and picking up. UGH>

My only consolation is that no one was seriously hurt. Only difficult child has some stiffness and aches and pains. Otherwise, everyone is fine. We were at the hospital until 2 AM and this morning I had to get up and drive to NY to pick up easy child from college. I am tired.


OMG! I'm so glad noone was hurt. Was anyone cited?

Get some rest tonight.

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Thank you. Becasue difficult child was making the left across traffic, difficult child was at fault. However, since difficult child was whisked away in the ambulance, we haven't gotten the police report or her license back from the police. So we don't know if she will be cited or not. OUr fingers are crossed that she does not get anything except the loss of her car. The officer present was very nice to us, he seemed like a fair guy, but who knows. I already heard from my insurance company because the other driver called them about her car. Urrrggghhhh.

Took a flexeril for my back and slept like a lamb last night. difficult child did the same!


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Thank goodness she's OK. I didn't know they always assume the person making the left hand turn was a fault. A couple years ago my easy child was making aleft turn onto a street on her way to school and a car hit her rigth in the drivers side. It was a miracle no one was injured. The other driver got cited but I guess it was because that driver had a stop sign. I suppose if there was no stop sign it would have been her fault since the person going straight has the right of way. I hate left hand turns and when my easy child started driving I was so fearful of that very thing happening.

I hope difficult child is OK and has no residual effects. Will your insurance be enough to replace the car?



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Oh no! I am so sorry, Jo. How scary.
Yes, in our state, we also automatically cite for left hand turns. Your daughter will be sore for a few wks, but at least she's young. I hope she uses an ice pack on the worst spots.
I have a friend whose daughter did the exact same thing, but much worse... she involved 3 other oncoming cars! My friend wanted to avoid getting her another car, but the grandparents stepped in and... well, you can figure out the rest... :frown:


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Sorry to hear about this. We had a similar accident happened to us, many years ago - husband was making the turn, had to stop suddenly halfway through the turn as a pedestrian ran across the road and while stopped, a car coming the other way slammed into us. husband moved forward as soon as the pedestrian was out of the way but not soon enough. Even though the pedestrian had begun to cross the road after the red man began blinking, WE were in the wrong. Ironically, the pedestrian was an official witness for the accident and also added, "We've had three other accidents like that, on this crossing, this week."
We felt like asking, "Have you only crossed the road three times this week?"

But it is true - in your country and ours, a turn in the same direction as the position of the driver in the car (right turn for RH drive; left turn for LH drive) has to be made safely. Unless another driver has to wait for you legally (such as if you're turning with a green arrow and the other driver is on the red; or the other driver is at a stop sign) then the driver making the dangerous turn is in the wrong automatically ini the event of an accident.

It's a nasty lesson to have to learn. At least difficult child has learned this without being too badly injured. It's a sham,e the other driver wasn't paying attention; sounds like she contributed. But legally, it's only difficult child in the wrong. Very sad.