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    I guess i will start with difficult child 1... he is still in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) awaiting court however we had a meeting with the po and Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff, now the po is wanting psychiatric evaluation and neuropsychologist before she makes any suggestions to the court.

    so with difficult child 2 therapist thinks she is doing great (from what the horse says) and difficult child has been a lot calmer ... psychiatrist increased the concerta from 18 to 36 overnight (i cant tell a difference) and is talking about taking difficult child 2 off of abilify and putting her on seraquil (sp) i dont understand this beacause the abilify is working. During a small fight this week between difficult child 2 and easy child difficult child went to her room for about 5 min then came out and told easy child she was sorry for calling her fat and hitting .. that is a major thing for difficult child she has never said she was sorry for anything she has done to her sister. Also we had an IEP meeting this past week to get difficult child back into school, So after spring break there will be another meeting to get her into the modified school(halfday) then work from there on next years plan and iep so it will be in place. They are no longer just giving her the iep under adhd, but now it will be listed under other health impaired.
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    Sounds like alot of progress in a short period of time. Way To Go! You sound so much more optimistic and that's terrific for you and the whole family. Fingers crossed that the school return goes smoothly. Wouldn't that be terrific? Hugs DDD
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    oh glad to her some things are moving along! Did they switch ed. categories on the IEP or add OHI??? ADHD is not an educational category, it is always under OHI for an IEP except in early childhood where they can use a general daughter type of category so I was just curious--doesn't matter as long as you got what you wanted!!! Was wondering if with her other diagnosis she had been or also has some kind of emotional and behavioral category listed. In any event sounds like the important thing is them acknowledging what a big issue this is and your feeling like it is being addressed. It sounds great overall, and like you got so much going for them. I hope the upcoming evaluations give you some wonderfully helpful information when recommendation time comes along.