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I last wrote about difficult child getting his job. He has been working about a month so far and must be doing okay because last week they only had him scheduled for a few hours but then asked him to pick up a bunch of hours. This week he is scheduled for 22 hours. We live very close (1.4 miles with no stop lights) and he has been working a bunch of split shifts. In one aspect that is difficult but in other ways I think it is good for difficult child because his shifts are usually around 2 1/2-3 1/2 hours, sometimes a bit longer but usually not.

He had a little scare on Sunday. He went to work at 5:00 and they told him he was supposed to have been there at 9:00 this morning. I picked him up and he was very worried he was going to be fired (the manager had left a message on his phone in the morning but difficult child never heard the phone ring-he is using husband's old phone and it's true it often didn't ring). The weird thing is that the manager usually writes down his schedule for him. Originally difficult child was scheduled for the 9:00 shift but then when they kept adding hours last week to difficult child's schedule the manager wrote out a new schedule and told him to disregard his old schedule.

husband took him in on Monday morning right before his shift and talked with him to the manager, who, fortunately, was very understanding.

It's good for difficult child to be working and good for us to get some respite, although in some ways we are restricted in being able to just make plans while he is at work because he often gets sent home early if they are not busy. Thankfully, easy child/difficult child isn't working this coming Sunday and can drive and pick him up because husband and I are going on a day canoe trip with some friends.

So glad difficult child is doing so well at work, now if he could be as respectful at home as he is at work.... baby steps....


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I know the feeling, Sharon. Or, at least, I will in a few days. difficult child just got his first job.
I dread the type of scenario you just described. {{hugs}}