difficult child's natural consequences years later

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Nancy, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Nancy

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    We use to fight with difficult child all the time about bathing and brushing her teet. She never took an interest in that and she paid for it when kids in elementary school made fun of her for having greasy hair. We stopped fighting, it wasn't a Basket A item or even Basket B since we were dealing with much more serious problems. She's finally taken an interest in how she looks and would never go to school with greasy hair now.

    Too little too late. I took her to the dentist Monday and she has 10 :slap: cavities and 8 more that will turn into cavities shortly unless she takes preventative care. So next Monday she gets the first of the cavities filled and I get told the treatment plan and payment arrangements since this will cost thousands :nonono:.

    I told the dentist to fill the worst ones first and make sure the shots of novacaine hurt :rofl:. I don't have much sympathy since she was told a year ago she had 8 teeth that were in danger of developing cavaties unless she used this special toothpast and flossed every day and stopped eating sweets. She didn't, just another example of her living in the moment and not thinking about tomorrow. So the 8 turned into 10 and 8 more began.

  2. 'Chelle

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    I guess that's called learning the hard way. It's so sad that our difficult child's seem to have to learn that way so often. Sorry for you though , that it now costs you to pay to have them all fixed. Thousands? :faint: I was just thanking my employer for having a basic dental plan at work here, easy child has terrible baby teeth and we just had $250. worth of x-rays, work and cleaning done of which we paid $50. She still has 2 cavities to go. It also seems that way though, the difficult child's get the painful part of the lesson and the parent get's the $$ part. Though with improvements in dentistry from when we were kids, I don't think she'll have much pain, though sitting there with your mouth open and someone poking around bothers me LOL.
  3. Sunlight

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    get her some over the counter fluoride rinse for before bed...it is good for anyone...any age. ACT, Fluroguard, walmart even has their own brand of it.
  4. Nancy

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    Janet, I forgot you worked in the field. The dentist gave her a prescription for PreviDent and she is suppose to brush it on her teeth twice a day and not rinse for 30 minutes. Does that really help? She's been doing it all week but I dont;know if the damage has already been done.

  5. OpenWindow

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    All of my kids refuse to brush their teeth. easy child#1 is just starting to realize that stinky breath isn't attractive to the girls, so he brushes more often than the others. I can't get difficult child to brush for anything - it always leads to a meltdown.

    Maybe we'll give the fluoride rinse a try - does it taste minty like toothpaste or does it have another flavor? difficult child hates the taste of any toothpaste we've tried.

    Too bad your pocketbook has to suffer along with her.
  6. Loris

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    They always seem to learn the hard way. Too bad we have to pay the price for it, though. I hope she learns from it.
  7. Fran

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    <span style='font-size: 11pt'>Funny coincidence, easy child and I just got back from the dentist a 1/2 hr ago. easy child has 2 small cavities. He brushes religiously. difficult child who has a spotty record at best has never had a cavity. It is infuriating.
    I hope difficult child starts to make the connection between choices and consequences. </span>
  8. Marguerite

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    We've got fluoride in the water here, it does make a big difference. I grew up without fluoridated water, it only came in when I was in my early teens, so I had some cavities. My kids had no cavities, even with poor dental hygiene. The kids have had check-ups and all have had to have teeth pulled due to a crowded mouth. difficult child 3 is even having to get baby teeth pulled, because they're not falling out like they should.

    Dental care is absent from our government-based health care though, which hopefully is going to change soon.

  9. timer lady

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    I hope that difficult child "gets" it this time around. I know that wm is in need of braces & we're are refusing to do it because of the waste of money; the boy will not take care of his teeth.
  10. Nancy

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    Linda we never did braces for difficult child for the same reason. The dentist told her if she didn't brush her teeth he wouldn't put them on because she would get cavities behind the braces and have big problems. I knew she wouldn't brush so we just never did the braces. It's another choice she made that she will have to live with.

  11. Sunlight

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    Prevident is great! we prescribe it also. the fluoride rinse works to strengthen even adult teeth. it cannot repair decay.

    the over the counter rinses come is a few diff flavors. I buy mine at Walmart-their brand.
  12. Stella Johnson

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    Ouch! Talk about a consequence. :hammer:

    Glad to hear it is continuing to "connect" for difficult child.