difficult child's open house at school

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by crazymama30, Aug 27, 2008.

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    was tonight. difficult child whined and complained, did not want to go, he knew who his teacher was (we both did) why did he have to go? I told him if I was going he was going. Repeated it several times, and off we went.

    At the school, he complained all the way to the front doors. I just ignored him ( I am getting good at that by now). We walked in the front doors, and he lit up. He was smiling ear to ear, hugged the vp, chatted with his teacher quite a bit, and on the way out hugged the principal. Amazing. This kid has been suspended every year, multiple times a year, since first grade. Everyone still loves him, and he loves everyone. I wish I knew what his secret is. Maybe the summer break is casting a golden glow.
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    difficult child 3 is like this - found attending school difficult, although he liked everybody there. He was often on detention, often in trouble, I know he had teachers who didn't like him and who undoubtedly loathed me on sight, but difficult child 3 loves everybody and I think especially his teachers - difficult child 3 values knowledge and information, so anyone who has a role in imparting knowledge gets top billing in his book.

    We live in a small village and so we often cross paths with the teachers who have given him a hard time - difficult child 3 always greets them happily and wants to stop and chat to them.

    I'm happy he bears no grudges. And for me - I COULD be resentful, but I find I enjoy sharing with these people the successes we're having with difficult child 3 now. Despite them.

    With your son - any possibility there is some Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) in there? It could explain his affectionate reaction to his teachers despite past problems.

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    Marg, all I know is difficult child is unique. The nearest neuropsychologist is 3-4hrs away one way. I really do not know what else they would do for him. It would be very hard to take the time off to make the trip, and to afford it in the first place would be hard. We would have to get a motel, and it just sounds too expensive. From reading the bipolar child book, there can be many Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) type things that can go on with a BiPolar (BP) child, and the cyclothymia is kinda like a mildform of BiPolar (BP). I did take a Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) questionaire on line for difficult child one time, and he came out as a low or very low risk.
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    My difficult child is a lot like that, latches onto some of the adults in a building. Isn't it funny how he didn't want to go but then had a great time-again my difficult child is a lot like that as well. Glad it was a positive experience tonight!
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    awwww...That is so nice.

    Glad he lit up. that must of made you happy.
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    My son is like this too. No matter what problems he has had or what trouble he has caused he bears no resentment. Loves his teachers, the principals, everyone. This is a good and bad thing. We have run into kids who have been very mean to difficult child, they intentionally set him off, tease him, etc and he refers to them as "his best friend." I've tried to teach him that we can be polite and respectful to people but not be friends with them for these reasons.
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    It's a good thing when our kids hold no resentment and are well liked by teachers and administrators. Sometimes they forget how bad things were. Sounds like perhaps he's ready to go back to school, but like any typical kid, gives lip service to not liking it!

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    That is so cool - Did you let him know how proud you were that he was so polite to not show that he didn't want to go? That he did an awesome job in visiting with everyone! Beyond polite - a great guest at an open house. If all kids would meet those open houses with that attitude, the school year would start out great for everyone!

    My difficult child holds grudges which makes life hard. He gets it from my dad.