difficult child's shopping and washing comforters

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  1. klmno

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    This is a double post. LOL!

    1) I took our comforters, blankets and mattress covers to the laundry mat because we now are using queen size bedding (both of us) and I was afraid it would tear my with-D up to wash them at home. I have a heavy duty/large capacity washer but still.... Then I started thinking that I don't know that I prefer for my bedding to be washed right after everyone else's (people I don't know) laundry. So I'm wondering- what does everyone else do? Maybe I've just become "prudish" about this after having my own with-D for 15 years. I used to wash everything at a laundry mat and never thought twice about it.

    2) I took difficult child shopping at the mall as part of his Christmas present. I hadn't been able to get him to go before today, but it worked out well and it was a good motivator to get him up and out of the house and walking around some today.

    Anyway- I'll be taking this kid shopping a whole lot more in the future!! And, I'll definitely be getting him a gift card for the mall next Christmas, too. I gave him a $75 limit and told him he had to buy a warm jacket, but he could pick it out. I knew there would be sales going on so I figured he could use any money left from $75 to get something he wanted- a game or cd or something.

    He chose JC Penney to shop at (he wanted Old Navy but this mall didn't have one). He bought a warm Bomber jacket, a belt, 2 long sleeve shirts, and a Tee and with tax, it was $76. And, he had all this picked out within about 1/2 hour. I was very proud of him!

    I don't know who's shopping gene he inherited, but it obviously wasn't mine!!
  2. totoro

    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    I make mine fit into my W&D... I usually have to go in and move it during the spin cycle!
    I will let it line dry when it is warm out. Actually here in Tucson I can line dry almost everything everyday...
    He shops like me! Fast and furious...
  3. Jena

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    Aw that's cool you guys had a good day. A boy that shops, i love it. :)

    I'm glad that you both got some time to just be together.
  4. mstang67chic

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    For the comforters, I wash mine at home and my washer seems to handle it fine. I too sometimes need to move things around a bit and it does take awhile to wash and dry it all but it does work. I will also set the washer for an extra rinse cycle just to be sure all the soap gets out. However, I have been known to take things to the laundry mat. The one I will use though is the "better" of the ones available in town. But....I wash the comforters in hot water so I don't really ick out over who has used the machines before me.

    As for the shopping....Great job!!!! I think when they know they only have so much, it makes a difference. difficult child has had some amazing shopping moments before and it always tickles me. If nothing else, I've managed to get him trained to look for clearance items/good sales. He once found a nice down coat with removable jacket for $30!
  5. Andy

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    Wow! He really did good shopping. And to choose shirts and a belt instead of a game - watch out, that boy is growing up!
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    Another one who washes comforters at home and I have queen and king comforters. I also do an extra rinse. When drying, I add a couple of tennis balls to help prevent the matting inside get clumpy. Has worked like a charm so far.

    Way cool on the shopping. I'm like your son. I can pretty much find what I want within 30 minutes, mainly because I loathe shopping and just want to get it over with.
  7. ML

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    Ask him if he'll come spend some time with Auntie ML. That's the way I like to shop! Very cool.

    I shove my comforters into the with-d but our largest size bed is a full if you can believe that.
  8. klmno

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    LOL, ML- yes I can believe it- I wish we hadn't changed to queen sized things now. It happened last year when I got difficult child a bigger bed because he had started "hanging" over the twin he had always had.

    As far as shopping- I don't like it either and I despise going to the mall. Still, I am one who will struggle horribly over what to buy- especially for others. I was very proud of difficult child today- and there are many days when I worry more than feel pride. I'm even the one who picked out his Tee and said I'd get it for him over his $75 limit.

    It says "Don't lead me into temptation; I can find it on my own".
  9. ML

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    I love it!
  10. trinityroyal

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    I have king sized bedding and I just jam it into the washer and dryer here at home. Years ago when I had a Queen bed and an apartment sized washer/dryer, I used to go to the local laundrette. I made sure to wash everything on hot, and added washing soda to each load, so I didn't freak out over the greeblies that the previous person may have left behind. For light-coloured loads, I also added bleach, just to make sure.

    MB's idea of the tennis balls to keep comfortors from getting clumpy is a great one. Works a right treat.

    As for the shopping, way to go difficult child. That's the way I prefer to shop to. I love the stuff, but hate the process of getting the stuff, so the shorter the shopping trip the better I like it.

    Love the T shirt slogan.