difficult child's weight loss and moods

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    difficult child has 16 pounds since November. At the end of December, we took her off of Risperdal and kept the Vyvanse on board. difficult child's pediatrician is concerned about the weight loss (so are we, considering she's eating like a horse @ our house) So we have 2 weeks to get her to gain weight....

    As for her moods since being off Risperdal.. all I can say is WOW!! She's been amazing. She gets frustrated easily especially if theres alot of noise. But she's been able to pull her self back together again quickly, and her mood comes right back to happy.. no more long nights of grumpiness. Even her girl scout leader noticed the noise level sets her off but, she's able to contol herself. This is all without the medication. When she was on the medication, she was alot worse. It was horrible.

    But guess what her biomom says?????

    difficult child is a horrible kid who back talks, acts older than she is and is rude. She is insisting on Intuniv. Out of 4 reports the doctor got yesterday, (mine, biomom's, school and Girl Scout leader) 3 were all the same. Only Mom has issues.

    So, in 2 weeks we go back to the doctor and I guess she'll make a decision about adding risperdal back. Dad and I are opposed. So we'll see...
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    Can I ask a question? I don't mean to be rude, but why does the biomom get a say in whether or not you put your daughter back on medications? You are the one that lives with her on a daily basis and you know what she is like day to day. My kids are not adopted and the only adopted child that I know is my niece, who was adopted from China, so there are no bio mom issues.

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    husband and BioMom have joint custody. They have a shared visitation plan in effect. However, husband and I are beginning to think the living situation @ BioMom's is causing most of difficult child's problems. The house they live in has 9 people living there... all of whom have some type of mental health issue and most are not medicated, especially BM's twin...