Dirty Car Art

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    This was much longer, I cut it down for the graphics, but this guy was truly inspiring. Nothing like making something out of nothing!!!

    What do you do when you find a dirty car?

    (a) Write WASH ME?
    (b) Do a pretty drawing?

    THIS is SCOTT WADE. Check out what he does with the dirty cars by carefully and artfully removing portions of the dirt. According to his web site, he lives real close to a dirt road in San Marcos , Texas ....

    http://4.BiPolar (BP).blogspot.com/_lCcBCnF9YU8/SbYSrruRlyI/AAAAAAAADVg/YBGWlFcpbJI/s400/dirt+scot+wade.jpg
    http://3.BiPolar (BP).blogspot.com/_jaawLzKLk7g/RlBu6Skb6SI/AAAAAAAAAjY/8We95wXywLg/s1600/Picture13.jpg​

    Life Is Too Short,
    Break The Rules, Forgive Quickly,
    Kiss Slowly, Love Truly,
    Laugh Uncontrollably,
    And Never Regret Anything
    That Made You Smile.
    Life May Not Be The Party
    We Hoped For,
    But While We're Here, We Should Dance...

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