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    Hi yall,
    OK, so here we go, we have applied for Ajuga over 7 times now. No matter how many suspensions 4/20 days, still no entry.
    So after several excellent and informative messages from Marg (God Bless You), Dist ed is our only option now, problem is..... wait for it, oooo a mental mother, yes chronic PTSD, severe anxiety and severe depression ooo and wait for it, on 2 x anti depressants for the first time in 12 years.
    Just booted 15yr drug addict trigger son and gave my 8yr :( back to his father.cry cry for me
    So any help getting difficult child 12 into dist ed would be great help.
    i am trying to help the one that I can help, his father does not except the fact that he has an illness and why does he need medications?? lmao
    If I saw difficult child 12 every fortnight and could buy him anything in the world then it would be great, I am sure, but unfortunately life don't work like that.
    The way we are going, he just went back to school after a 4 day, and he wont last the week before a 20, so I really need to get this in place.
    Where do I start, dept of ed?
    school isn't on our side!!
    Head Space is great, when we get an appointment but they are few and far between.
    Any advice is welcome , please advise me.
    Living on medications to get through the day
    love to all Leis xx
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    I am not sure what this is you are wanting but I am praying for you and knowing that this to shall pass!
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    Hi Leisa and welcome to the forum.

    I have no knowledge so special education in your country. Marg is likely your best resource.

    You might do a google search for Special Education in Australia. Wish I could be more help, but I can't.

    Best of luck.