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    The guy I interviewed with on Friday made it sound like he was pretty iinterested in hiring me, didn't mention doing several interviews for this position, etc, although he mentioned needing to hire several people for several positions and thought with my experience that I might be able to jump in and help in those areas, too. I told him I would be glad to do that. I think he has a difficult child- obviously some sort of personal issues involving kids living out of state- and has gotten behind work as a result. He knew I really needed an answer quickly and he wants to move on this quickly too. At first he said I would hear from him early next week and if he decided to offer the position, would it be ok to email me a letter offering me the job and covering details, and I said that would be fine. Then, he said he would be working all weekend trying to catch up so he would go ahead and touch base with me today. I said that would be great, even if he caould just let me know which direction things were going to go in because I was about to move and would like to move closer to this job if I get it. He said he would try to find time but would at least call and email to let me know a decision or if he has to have more time to think about it even if he doesn't have time to put together a formal letter. Great. Now have i heard from him? Nope. Not. One. Word.

    I hate this sort of stuff. I feel so ignorant because I don't know if this means he's interviewing more people Monday, he's waiting on references to get to him (although he never asked for any he could have tried to contact previous employers), if he's procrastinating telling me I didn'typical teen get it and not getting back to me is supposed to drop me a hint, did he have another family issue to deal with, is he trying to decide how much money to offer, etc.

    Anyway, it's not good that I obviously can't count on this coming thru at this point.
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    Sorry you were hoping to hear and didn't today. I know from personal experience that these things are run of the mill type normal experiences in job hunting. And I've known it to go both ways when people don't get that call the day they were told to expect it. Some people hear back that they aren't the applicant to be hired, some get calls with job offers.

    You would think that when a potential employer says they will make calls on such and such a day that they would call, professionalism and all. This leads many who don't hear that day that they have no chance at the position. I have learned however that employers do expect interviewees to hold to schedule but don't always stick to it themselves. Try not to read into this much,honestly. It could mean anything. You got it and he hasn't had time to call. You didn't get it and he's dodging you or hasn't had time to call. More candidates. Thought he'd be decided by now but has several qualified people and is mulling it over. His dog was hit by a car and he didn't work all weekend like he thought. Work was hectic and unforseen things led to him not making call backs today. And on and on, who knows.

    I am sure you will hear on Monday. If Tuesday morning comes without a call, I would make the typical call back type thing. Polite and no mention of their mess up not calling when they said they would. Just a simple callback reminding them that you are still very interested in the job and offering perhaps more references if they are interested and you look forward to hearing if they have a job offer as you believe you can fit in well in their company blah blah blah.

    Hang in there. You are under the gun with pressure to sort things out. Sure he probably got the general feeling of that from your dialogue. But in the end, he's not under the gun with pressure to decide on a hiree the way you are, Know what I mean?? This job or another, good things are coming for you. Sheer determination to get on your feet is moving you in all the right directions. (((hugs))) And crossing fingers for you about this position.
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    Hi k,

    I like the advice from mattsmom not to read too much into this. It could be anything -- even down to his personal style (not getting back to people right away) or as Mattsmom said, his dog was hit by a car or he had a toothache.

    The right job will come along for you, I have no doubt. Maybe this one. If not, another will show up. Good things are coming! It will be hard at first, but you will get used to living without chaos. When gfg17 went to juvie then psychiatric hospital then Residential Treatment Center (RTC), it was weird without the chaos and I almost couldn't focus. But I got used to it.

    Fingers crossed. Good things on the way! Gotta believe that.
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    Thank you, both! I have a lot to work thru I know. If I get this job a lot of stress will be relieved and life will go in one direction; if I don't then life will be even more differrent and go another way. I have accepted that but it's still difficult to have my future riding on one freaking person's decision. I am having faith, too, since I learned a long time ago that sometimes there is a path that leads to the best thing, whether it's the path I would have chosen or not.

    I just hope someday my son and I can have a real conversation and feel like family again. Right now that's all I care about.
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    I had this happen two jobs ago. I expected to hear back from the woman on the Friday or Monday at the earliest, and had given up by the next Friday when she finally called. I know it's hard, but I hope that you won't worry too much. If you haven't heard from him by Tuesday afternoon, you might give him a call and ask if he wants to see you to interview further.
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    I will- I just don't want to get my hopes built up too high and I want to stay in a mood of acceptance. It seems that in addition to the problem of being unemployed so long due to difficult child stuff, with the economy being the way it is and so many people in my profession being unemployed, my applications are either overlooked because I'm looking for entry level or anything that I have absolutely no experience or training in or I'm looking in related fields then hearing that I am over-qualified...even though I'm tactfully stressing that I'm willing to take the job anyway and don't expect the kind of salary I made before. I am hearing a lot of "you are way over qualified". OK but no one is hiring my profession and expedrience and I'm willing to take a lower pay...so what do I do?
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    Maybe pare down your resume so that you don't look as overqualified and tailor it more to match the job? You don't have to tell them EVERYTHING you've done/can do. I've done a lot of stuff, but in my last job, I only put on my resume the experience that was relevant to the job for which I was applying.
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    I still haven't heard anything from this guy but i did email a short followup yesterday. He might have had another family emergency (his kids live out of state) but since he never contacted me at all, I suspect he either won't or I'll get a letter in the mail. It annoys me a little because he said he would get back to me, email and call, within a few days, then he said Sat. Maybe some employers just figure they will not do anything and let the person figure it out even if they've led them to believe otherwise.

    So now, I guess I'll go back to pursuing a shelter.....

    Yep, I'll have to change my resume somehow but that's going to be pretty difficult. As a licensed professional who's only done this for the past 20 years, I can't really hide that but have to figure out some way to do something. All my employers have been in this profession too, so I don't have a clue what to do but at this point, I think moving has to come before looking for a job.

    Unfortunately, I now think I would have been better off this past year of job-hunting to chuck the resume even if they ask for it and just tell them I've been a stay at home mom for the past 16 years - I could probably have gotten an entry level position somewhere then.