Disney Cruise? Need opinions...


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Just wondering, if you have gone on a Disney Cruise, did you love it? Since my difficult child was five years old (and I was a single mother) I've wanted to take him to Disney. As he got older and we still haven't gone, I've vowed to take him while he's still in high school. He's a junior this year, so time is running out.

I'm thinking he'll definitely get out of the Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) by the Spring (if not much sooner, different topic though), so I want to plan to go sometime maybe April, May, June. My fifth wedding anniversary is in April and difficult child's 17th birthday is in June. Not knowing where he'll go to school when he returns poses a little bit of a problem for planning, that's why I'm thinking maybe June. My little ones will be almost four and just turned two.

It looks like there's three destinations to choose from and I'm not sure how long would be best. I'd like to go for a week, but since I've never been on a cruise before, I don't know if that would be too long for my little ones. Any opinions? Thanks!


ck, my close friend has gone on disney cruises a couple of times. They have also done other ones and say that by far Disney cruises are the best! She said the food is wonderful and they have a ton of stuff for everyone to do from toddlers to teens. (she has both)
I hope you have a wonderful time!


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We have done two Royal Caribbean cruises. While I don't know about Disney cruises I'm sure they are first rate. Every thing Disney does is first rate in my opinion.

Be sure to buy the cruise insurance just in case your difficult child ends up not being able to go.


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I think the disney cruise would be fun, but you need to check the country the ship is registered in. The laws that apply to the ship are the laws of the country ithe ship is registered in. If there are problems it can limit your options.

As always, be careful iwth your kid! But have fun!!!!