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Avoid your own therapy because you are doing so much for everyone else ya just need a break? I have regular homework from my therapist (I didn't do homework in high school for the love of pete). I was really good about it for a long time now I just can't bring myself to go and do it. So then I don't make an appointment because I just can't stand the look of disappointment.

Don 't get me wrong I really like my therapist. We are a good fit. But this su**s.

Dear me have I become difficult child? I start things (therapy, Y, crafts etc..) but don't finish.

Why? I know if I can't answer it you can't tell me what is in my head (Not much some days I think).

Thanks for listening (reading) just pondering my difficulties.



I know exactly what you mean. For me, I'm just so weary that in my me time, I want something relaxing and peaceful, not something that seems like work or is more emotionally draining, tiring, yada, yada, yada.


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I avoid all sorts of things somedays, okay, most days. Dealing with my kiddos and their schools/teachers is about all I can do. I just don't have the energy. Or maybe its because I'm now addicted to this site. LOL I don't know. But then, whatever it is, just spins out of control and then I don't ever want to tackle it. My kids want clean clothes every week and clean dishes every day...GEEZ LOL :rofl:

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Go see your therapist. When you get the disappointed look just say what you told us. I mean everyone needs a break now and again. It's not a crime.


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Even if I do get to therapy, it's spent on talking about one tweedle or the other, generally both.

And saying that, my therapist has to redirect me during our appts. I find that I'm burnt out on therapy in general & have to drag myself out to any session mine or the kids.

I'm so glad that we found an in home therapist that is doing well with kt; I know that we'll be heading back to attachment therapist in the next month or so & I so dread that.


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Tell therapist she can best help you by playing cards for an hour or just chatting over coffee or wine for an hour. This is what you need - away time!

Have you ever been considered for ADD? Possible you have adult ADD? You sound EXACTLY like my best friend who is for sure ADD. Her husband and I finally got her to realize she needed medications and she is doing soooo much better getting things done.

Everyone has their off days and sometimes off months. If it starts to affect your life - you have to look harder for what is going on.


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'Sounds like depression to me. I think I suffer from depression even though I'm on ADs. I'm with the rest of you....I do so many therapists, doctors, school appts., that just the thought of going for ME is a laugh. Right now I have a pinched nerve and I'm going to a chiropractor three times a week. Pain and all, it's all I can do to drag myself there. Me time? Suuuuuuure..........

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I just started seeing a therapist a couple of months ago. I really like her and I am lucky I can see her at the same time difficult child is seeing his therapist. That being said I'm so tired of appointments-now that I'm back to work it seems like there is always some appointment. Tomorrow difficult child and I both have appts. and I plan on telling them both we need to cut down to every other week for now (eventually for me once a month may be the way to go). I do understand the not wanting to go because of just needing a break. ((((Hugs))))


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Beth, maybe part of the reason you are seeking therapy is because you don't finish things?---a symptom of other issues? It could be a variety of reasons, some already suggested. It has to be frustrating...and embarrassing.

Talk to your therapist. Face the music and work this out. It will help.



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I would tell therapist to veto the homework. Sounds like too much work! :wink: No, really!

If you are like me, you just want to go in a vent, talk about whatever, and do whatever. And, to me, that is the best therapy! My therapist would never assign homework - because literally - I have way too much home-work!

So, just ask her for exactly what you need. You deserve it.