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    I strongly ask for no religious comments.

    I saw this on U Tube and thought it was powerful.

    God and Dog

    Be prepared.....tugs at the heart.

    [ame=""]YouTube - GoD And DoG by WJ Francisco[/ame]

    Let me know if you like it; but comments of a religious nature (not allowed).

    It really tugged at my heart spiritually and also reminded me of why our pet is so very special to me (as well).
  2. susiestar

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    Thanks. This is a wonderful and simple tune that makes me appreciate the love I get from every side.

    Simple and speaks to my heart.

    I will give my furbabies some extra treats and playtime even though they are not the d-o-g variety.
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    That was lovely. Thank you.

    I grew up with dogs but apart from brief experiments, we haven't ever owned a dog as a couple (and family). I miss them but respect the choice; I have canine friends in the neighbourhood.

    Interesting analogy.

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    I read a book recently by Dean Koontz about the first dog he and his wife got. Her name was Trixie and she was a retired service dog. In the book at one point, he was talking about one way he and Trixie used to play. Their house at the time had a large open hallway upstairs that they would use to play with a ball. (Gently after (ahem) Trixie broke a framed picture) Dean said he would also lay down with Trixie and they would just look at each other. He always had a feeling that there was more to her than meets the eye so one day as they were lying there, he looked at her and said, "I know you're more than just a dog"

    Trixie got still and just looked at him.

    Dean said, "I know your secret"

    Trixie FREAKED.

    She jumped up and skittered partway down the hallway looking at him as if he broke her cover.

    At this point, Dean said the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up but he continued and said, "You're not just a dog. You're an angel."

    She continued down the hall until she was at the far wall and was looking at him over her shoulder. The entire time Dean said she had the most surprised and amazed expression on her face as if she couldn't figure out how he knew.

    They stared at each other for awhile longer until he said something more normal and they went on with their day. Dean said though that the entire experience was surreal and one that stuck with him always.

    So for me....I don't see why makes sense. I think most people, no matter what they believe, agree there are angels of whatever nature/form on this planet. Dogs seem to fit the bill.

    Oh and Dean's book? A must read! It's called "A Big Little Life" (or vice versa) and is great. It's not a Marley and Me type of laugh your backside off but it's really good. She was the most amazing dog.
  5. Star*

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    gggggrwww brrrwow rruuuf.


    Thanks Nomad! Loved it!

    The frown on that dog when she sang about failure just got me. UGH! But so true.
  6. Nomad

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    Glad you guys liked it...and I somehow knew Star would be along...that frown "got" to me too. Same with the dog wagging. The entire thing.

    MsStang...I will look for that book/sounds wonderful

    Yep, this one really "gets" to me...been hugging my doggie all day.

    Sniff stuff that makes you stop and think.
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    Just came back from my lunch break at home. Took the pups out, fed them a little leftover chicken from last night's dinner, loved them up.

    Izzy likes to sit on difficult child's bed so she can see me getting into my car when I leave. We blow kisses and she wags her little stubby tail. I just love that.

    This was so wonderful and true I passed it along to everyone I know! Thanks for sharing it~