"Don't Delay" and "Doctor to Doctor" on LDs


Don't Delay:

If you suspect that your child's learning difficulties may require special assistance, please do not delay in finding information and support. The sooner you move forward the better your child's chances for reaching her full potential.

Maybe you have wondered if you are overreacting, or if the situation will work itself out over time. The truth is, you know your child better than anybody else. And regardless of who may tell you that it's a "phase" or "nothing to worry about," only you know how much your child dreads Monday morning. You have watched the impact of her daily struggles on her self-confidence. Deep down, you know something isn't right.

The good news is there are things you can do. In fact, the only "wrong" thing to do is to do nothing. If you wait to seek help for your child, her frustration and sense of failure will continue to erode her self-esteem, while the window of time for meaningful intervention narrows.

Since you are one of the best observers of your child’s development, you will be able to recognize potential problems early. But, in order to spot problems early, you’ll need to know the warning signs!
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