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    Hi all! I'm new here and I need advice desperately. Our son has been stealing large sums of money from us, and lying constantly. So far we've managed to get it all back before it left the house, but he denies doing it. We've tried all sorts of punishments and he's in therapy and all that but we just keep having the same issues over and over. Total he has snatched about 1200 dollars. We have even bought a safe to keep our wallets in. We know he's having problems at school, he was just suspended for a day this week for fighting. He is so angry and critical. His thinking is very negative and we also know he is hallucinating both auditory command and visual. Obviously, I made an appointment. with his neuropsychologist for Wed., but he is jekyll and hyde and I don't know what to do. He's been hospitalized 13 times already in his life-our journey with Childhood Onset Bipolar Disorder (COBP) began when he was 3. I just need some advice. His doctor is excellent, but does not offer emergency services, and we pay out of pocket because he is not on our insurance plan. I just want to scream!! I am trying to keep him stable, my daughter stable, and me stable...but I am falling apart. Please help.
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    Welcome. I'm glad you found us.

    If your difficult child is hallucinating, he needs further treatment ASAP. Command hallucinations are considered an emergency situation that needs attention now. Have you considered bringing him to the ER and having him admitted to a psychiatric hospital again?

    Perhaps Abilify is not the right antipsychotic (AP) for him, or perhaps he needs a second AP to augment Abilify. Furthermore, he is on an antidepressant (Amitriptyline), which has been known to destabilize children with bipolar disorder (including causing hallucinations). If you won't go the psychiatric hospital route, can you call the psychiatrist first thing Monday and get in to see him immediately?

    Weekends can be slow around here, but others will be along to offer their advice. Again, welcome.
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    Welcome!! I agree with smallworld- either get him to an ER where they have a child ward for psychiatric issues this weekend or get him to a child/adolescent psychiatrist Monday, first thing.
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    Welcome to our group.I am so sorry that you and your family are going through these tough times.If I had not of found this site I think I would have done cracked up by now.I felt like I was the only one having to deal with a troubled child.You are not alone.Please read my origianl post and I hope it will give you reasurrance we have all been through extremly tough situations.Hugs & Compassion.:faint:
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    Welcome to the board. :flowers: You'll find a lot of support and advice.
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    Welcome, I am dealing with similar. Me ahve safes-we lock up everything. Take care, Compassion
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    Hi, Welcome!! I am new too. Please know you are not alone - I have had several children steal from me too. I am sorry you are having those that you would give your life for - steal from you ~ {{Hugs}} Judy
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    Hi, welcome.

    I have taken Amitriptyline. It gave me horrid nightmares and muscle twitches. I would not recommend it for someone who is bipolar, in my humble opinion.

    Other than that, do you think he is using the $ for drugs or something? Why would he need that much?

    I would leave my wallet in the car, although a safe is a good idea. We never keep that much cash around, any way. I assume he took the $ today when you turned your back for a second.

    I would not ask, "Why did you take the money?" I would simply say, "I need you to give the money to me, now." That way, he won't be forced to lie. Sounds like a strange way around it, but it works for me. :)

    I just read your bio/profile. 9 medications? Wow. So sorry. What are you going to school for?
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    Hi and welcome. I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. I agree that if your son is hallucinating, particularly with command hallucinations, he needs to be reevaluated on an emergency basis. Visual hallucinations may be due to his uncontrolled psychosis, or they may be due to drug use. With the amounts of money he's stealing it makes me wonder about drugs. Has he been drug tested?

    It also sounds like his medications need review ... two atypical APs not working may mean a different approach is needed. The antidepressant may be causing problems too. My son seems unable to tolerate any antidepressant even with a mood stabilizer on board.

    I hope you're able to reach his psychiatrist tomorrow, or get crisis services sooner if necessary. Good luck and best wishes.