Don't think returning to therapist



I thought it would be good, someone for difficult child to talk to. he liked him. He told difficult child he wouldn't reveal their conversations to me and he was safe to talk. Well he did. he told me difficult child said he hated me. First visit therapist had me sign release forms to talk to SW at school for a better "insight" on difficult child.
Well He spoke to me privately last visit. Said when difficult child is out of control...he has no control. That school should not punish him when he has no control.
Just found out he called SW again. this time told her that difficult child needs to be held responsible for all his actions.
And again tells difficult child different story.

That will go over real big in the upcoming IEP. Especially when I truely believe that the teachers / staff deliberately do things to set him off, then punish him. Yes there are many situations that difficult child causes on his own, but I have personally witnessed situations that are just not acceptable. It would set a easy child off, let alone a difficult child.

Don't understand. Just am lost. He seemed to mature so much over last summer. Honor roll second quarter. Liked school, had lots of friends, wouldn't miss a day for anything. HOW can that go complete 360??

All I can think of is I know he doesn't handle change well. i changed jobs the last week of second quarter. Which meant I am home more. I see him after school, can check Homework, have dinner. See sporting events. (also means less travel, more money)He WANTED me to take this job. He SAID he wanted me home. Now I am and things are the worst they have ever been. Worse than the abusive relationship I was in when easy child was a baby.

I'm so sorry that things are so difficult for you right now. Don't give up on tdocs altogether. It just sounds like you need to find a more competent therapist for difficult child.

I know how hard it is to hear that your difficult child hates you!!! I've been there done that... However, as hard as it is to hear, try to not let the words hurt you. They are only words. difficult child is sick and needs help.

difficult child 1 is bipolar. His behavior got much, much worse when he hit puberty. I remember him at 14-15 yrs. old. I'm glad I'll never have to revisit that period!!! Wait, I take that back... I almost forgot about difficult child 2!!!

Anyway, back to you. Is it possible that difficult child is in the beginning stages of puberty? If so, is it possible he might need a medication adjustment?

Another thing, if the teachers aren't treating difficult child fairly, it makes sense that his behaviors would be worse. I hope you're able to get these issues resolved at the IEP meeting!!! I also know how frustrating those meetings can be!!! Just remember, you're a :warrior: mom!!! Keep that armour on!!!

Just a thought - maybe family counseling would be helpful. I know that difficult child 1's therapist gave husband and I some great suggestions for managing difficult child 1's horrible behavior and attitudes.

Anyway, just know that you always have a cyber shoulder to lean on... WFEN


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Find someone else if this is making things worse or more complicated. You will find someone better, but you need to look and give it another try....