Downright Weird and Eerie....

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    There is this guy at work that I would estimate to be easy child's age or perhaps a year or 2 older.

    First time I saw him my mouth fell open and my eyes bugged out, literally.

    This guy is a dead ringer for Travis, only slightly older and his hair tends to curl while Travis' is straight like mine.

    Travis is a clone of his dad. A near perfect clone except he has some physical traits of mine that work in his favor.....such as although he has strawberry blonde hair he can get a deep tan and doesn't burn as easily as most people with that natural hair type.

    I had trouble not gawking at this guy the first time I spotted him. I've since seen him quite a lot as he works one line over from ours. My opinion hasn't changed.

    They say everyone has a twin. I decided to leave it at that as far as I know Fred didn't get to this area much prior to when we moved down here, mostly certainly not to socialize, and it would've been to visit family.

    Last night at lunch is the first time this guy talked to me. I'm pretty darn sure that whole "everyone has a twin" thing is only meant as far as appearance. could've been sitting there talking to Travis. Ok, so first conversation the guy doesn't seem to be as far on the autistic spectrum as Travis......first impression puts him about the same level as Fred. Although that is just a first impression.

    We talked about........wait for it............ game development........components........schooling for such things.......... The topper for me what when he told me if he is not working he is on his computer working on the video game he's developing. I was not surprised it is the same type of games Travis works on.

    It was a typical conversation with Travis. When the guy relaxed after the first timid couple of moments......I could not get him to turn off. lol (just like Travis used to be)

    This man is a clone of Fred, right down to the unruly curly hair and mannerisms. Put him in a family photo shoot and he'd fit right in.

    So I've been pondering this since yesterday.

    I'm no fool. Fred was married prior to me and I know for a fact she and I were not the only women in his life. His brother lived about a half hour in rural country from where we live. So saying Fred had managed to have a child between Katie and easy child with some other woman is not out of the scope of possibility. easy child was born 11 months nearly to the day we were married. Our courtship was very short. And I know for a fact there had been a "relationship" just prior to me with the woman Fred had been obsessed with for decades. I know that this female had a hold over Fred that I couldn't completely break.....and although there was nothing "relationship wise" going on after the earliest years of the marriage.....he forked over large sums of money to her over the years. That only stopped when I took the matter of missing money to his mother.

    Of course I'm only guessing at age, but I'm pretty good at that. He *might* be nearer Katie's age, than easy child's age.

    I didn't get a look at his name because 99 percent of employees wear their badges flipped over so you can't see it. Not that it necessarily would've told me anything.

    What are the odds though?

    Guess I'll just stick to the "everyone has a twin" deal because anything else at this point would be pure speculation. But I swear to all that is holy this man looks like my husband at that age, carries himself the same way, walks the same way, has the same mannerisms.........ect. Fred had a very distinct appearance, certainly not one who would blend in with a crowd necessarily. Know what I mean??
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    Lisa, that is indeed strange. And I think your theories -- both the "everyone has a twin" and the other speculative one -- are certainly possible.

    Y'know, the way I would look upon it now is, here's a guy you work with who vividly reminds you of Fred. What a lovely thing that is. No need to dig into it any deeper. Just enjoy getting to know your co-worker, and the good memories it evokes.

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    Curious, for sure. on the other hand I'd avoid the temptation to explore any personal information. I imagine you'll soon get used to seeing the similar traits and will find the similarities endearing. DDD
  4. Hound dog

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    I don't intend to probe into personal information. I avoid that as much as possible at work.

    I'm not the sort that feels a need to drag every skeleton out of the closet and inspect them or attempt to make them where there are none.

    Because I can also say Fred has a cousin (they share the same grandmother Fred got his appearance from) that the family disowned at 18 because he refused to go to West Point. No one heard from him after that....but would also be possible him living in the area where this coworker is from (quite a bit further south than here). Genes can skip a generation or two and reappear, and lord knows the autism gene is upfront and center in that family. I can say the same for Fred's brother as well (does not look like Fred coloring wise at all) as he was not the most faithful husband in the past according to gossip in this area.

    Just so odd. But he is pleasant to talk to and it does tend to trigger memories that make me smile.
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    Family traits sure can pop up and make you wonder. I do think that there are people who look alike that have no family relationship also. When we first lived in OK there was a kid at the univ who looked exactly like gfgbro. I almost punched him once because I thought he was gfgbro. The resemblance was uncanny. It was really odd as he did so many of the things gfgbro did both in mannerisms and things he enjoyed. And gfgbro does NOT look like the side of the family that is enormous and could populate a mid size town. Heck, I have an older cousin I have met twice who looks shockingly like me. We met when I was an infant and when I was six (her mom died shortly after she was born, and was my mom's middle sis) and have not met since. I am told we have the same hobbies and passions (cooking, cross stitch, etc....) and some pics of her as a teen are rather startling to see.

    I am glad these are bringing up good memories instead of bad ones. Maybe at some point he and Travis will meet and become friends. Maybe not. It is wonderful to hear that you don't feel the need to find out all of his details of parentage,etc... It is likely that the outcome would be painful and would add nothing positive to your life, Know what I mean??