Dr Phil video: Great! My mooching, stealing, sloppy son


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Wow, who knew that pee bottles were a thing? The last time my 17-year-old difficult child cleaned his room, he had several disgusting pee bottles, and he has a bathroom literally outside of his bedroom door. Of course, he had to parade the bottles around the house and taunt his sister with them before throwing them away.


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MWM & Origami ---- Zowie. Didn't watch the whole episode (just the first several minutes). Fortunately, we haven't had to face the pee bottle scenario. Yikes!

Sometimes I really like Dr Phil's direct approach. Direct matters! (Direct Note to Self: Be direct often, often, often!)


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The pee bottles were the least of it with 36, but a testimony to how lazy he can be, although he has a good job. Hard to explain.