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  1. Well, today was another treatment team for my difficult child (he is in the partial hospitalization at the local behavioral health center). Finally able to talk to the doctor in person and voice my concerns and frustrations. He started out the meeting with "I'm a little concerned" I said "a LITTLE concerned, I am alot concerned!" Anyway, he is taking him off the Welbutrin effective immediately because he is seeing some major aggitation the last few days and he thinks he is ready to blow. I told him, that the littlest thing will be what sets him off too and it won't be pretty. He will be re-evaluating him on Monday morning when he sees him again and then he will look at switching his other medications, but first get him off the Welbutrin.

    I talked to the doctor about difficult child's rages and explained one from last week and that they seem to get worse every time, you never know what little thing will set him off either.

    We talked about the violent thoughts that difficult child has been having and they noted from the "teacher" that is in the classroom with him during the day that difficult child talks about the violence towards his sister that he has had and that he is not remorseful, but thinks its funny.

    The doctor asked about school and my thoughts regarding when he returns, I told him that school was a real issue. In September we were dealing with school refusal and getting difficult child to go, now he goes, but doesn't do any work. difficult child will just sit in class and doodle and wont do anything and its not that he can't because he is very smart, he chooses not too. When he doesn't want to do something whether it is homework, picking up his dirty clothes, or even taking a shower, if he doesn't want to do it, there is no budging him.

    The doctor also asked if his hygiene or lack there of has gotten worse since being on the Welbutrin, I said no but, it also has not improved (which was one of the symptoms we were dealing with when he was put in the program again and his depression really was showing up). His hygiene is awful. Even with me prodding him, he wont take a shower most days. I even suspect that he might be soiling his underwear sometimes - keep in mind he is 12. He literally doesn't care if he stinks or not.

    Well, I am at work right now, I guess I had better get to work, but I finally felt positive about the treatment team and that the doctor is looking beyond the "bandaid" of difficult child's current medications.

    Thanks for listening.
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    Sounds like a productive meeting and that the psychiatrist is really listening to you. I hope the medication changes make a difference. Way To Go on advocating for your difficult child!
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    Sounds like a good doctor, one who listens. This is very important. Sorry things are so tough with the rages, been there done that..

    At 12 my difficult child wouldnot bathe. Asking or telling him to was a hard thing as he became very violent over it. I had to let my husband handle it, just couldn't physically or emotionally.

    Soiling his pants at age 12 is a symptom the doctor NEEDS to know. Do you do your son's laundry? Do you see evidence in his underwear? Write things down so you have them when you get to the doctor.

    We have a Parent Report thread in the General Archives. Also inSpecial Ed forum, I believe. I know it is on the last page of the general archives, at the very bottom of the page.

    PArent Report is a way to organize info so you can use it when talking/working with the many professionals you will encounter. I found it exceptionally helpful, but it took several chunks of time to do it. It was easier to break it up instead of doing it all at once.

    What have they diagnosed your son with? Some disorders, like bipolar, have recommended treatment steps. And some medications make some disorders worse, so knowing what they think he has can help.

    Hugs, sweetie, you are not alone now!

  4. Thank you so much. Being a single parent and going through all of this is really hard and sometimes I feel like I am going to explode with all of the stress. Anyway, thanks I will look for the parent report it will definitely come in handy to help me remember everything I need to relate to the doctor. I have heard so many positive things from other parents about the doctor my son is seeing - so I feel confident that we will get what he needs, I realize sometimes it is trial and error though. There is only one covered under my insurance and the one my son is seeing actually isn't covered - thankfully everything associated with the hospital is at least covered at 85/15, but when I take my son to see the doctor outside of the hospital I have to pay for it out of pocket and then get reimbursed for part of it.

    As far as diagnosis, my son was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety in September. I have been pushing to look beyond those though just because I feel that there is something else going on. My brother was diagnosed as an adult with bi-polar and there are so many things with my son that reminds me of my brother (and yes I have told the doctor this).

    I told the doctor about my suspicions of my son soiling his pants, what I have seen in his underwear when I do laundry can't be from just him not cleaning himself well enough. I know there has been times when he has wet himself too and/or the bed.

    Well, I am exhausted so off to bed I go, thanks again so much. I have read alot on these boards and everyone seems so helpful.