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    What a week this has been!

    difficult child's baseball team won Dwarf League championship today! difficult child caught one ball while on the pitching mound. He hit one ball and made it to 1st base though not sure why, there were so many kids from the other team right were the ball went - maybe confusion over who gets it? The game was close at 8 to 5 with the other team up last. Too close for comfort, however, our main pitcher kept the other team at bay.

    Then to VBS - I worked until 12:30, stopped at church to give difficult child motrine (was getting a headache - husband then took him to pregame practice) - went to Wal Mart to purchase makings for S'mores for VBS - back to church to unload S'mores and kool aide so it didn't sit in van - then to the championship game by 1:30. 1:45 game. VBS started at 5:30 - I was late getting there - what a strange night -

    The DVD with actions still has not shown up so music time without the DVD to lead and I did not know any but one song. One crew only had one girl show up so we put her into the PK group (she was in the other group because a relative was in it). difficult child came into the middle of one session to tell me that the S'Mores people were not letting him and H help. (I found out later that it was only one leader that was taking over everything - the other leaders would have allowed the boys to help) difficult child was very upset and I could not leave the music station adding to my stress.

    Oh, did I tell you that easy child bailed out on me tonight. I told her I could not handle loosing another volunteer and she found her own replacement. I felt bad, two women had given her a hard time last night for bringing her godchild. One lady told me today that easy child did very well with overseeing 9 VBS kids and caring for the one year old. One lady asked me tonight why she thought she should bring a baby to VBS when she had 9 kids to attend to. I replied that the 9 kids were very well behaved (though one ran away yesterday) and that she was capable of taking care of all 10 kids.

    So, I winged music. Flubbed up bad at the first 2 sessions then started getting a handle on the songs. I chose 4 songs to sing at closing. The one I led last night was awesome. At my last station, I told the kids that would be our last song because if we can leave the audience feeling that we are strong on one song, maybe they will overlook my unpreparedness of the other songs.

    I had one group that were 10 minutes late - I went looking for them and found that the woman who wouldn't let difficult child help with S'Mores was having kids go into the craft room after S'Mores to do our back up craft (in case of bad weather). They were suppose to have that option during free play.

    So, as I told someone, it was kind of a frustrating night but since the kids didn't know it was - all was well! We rocked out the closing song!!!
    I desperately missed our music leader but since she was not back, that may mean that one of her boys is on a winning team in the tournament she is at so though I wish she was here, I am happy for her that she is not.

    About 10 minutes after closing, I get a phone call from a grandma who didn't know if her daughter was going to pick up her girl. I looked for the girl and couldn't find her so assumed she was picked up. (I called back later to make sure she got where she was suppose to).

    Then one of the boys threw a little girl's shoe on the roof of the school. No one had a key to the storage shed for a ladder so I took the kitchen step ladder (shhhhh don't tell the old ladies) out of the kitchen. Fortunately one of my helpers came out and climbed it. Finally got the shoe down. One 11 yr old wanted to climb up the ladder - I told him that I did not want him hurt - however, I could use a break from work so I will climb up and if I get hurt no big deal, just a needed break! Then the person who set up the campfire climbed up for me.

    The girl I had a little trouble with last night spent the night telling me I was her best friend and giving me hugs. (same kid that told verses leader not to touch her when the teacher put her hand on girl's shoulder to try to get her to focus on what was being said.) Glad her night went better. :)

    I gathered everything from the fellowship hall and put into the craft room. I will sort through and put things away tommorrow (if I get up - LOL) or Sunday. difficult child and H have decided they want to come with and clean out lockers. Yep, their idea - I told them I would expect that to include soap and water - some of those lockers are bad!

    Woes be to the person who gets me up tommorrow -
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    Goodness Andy, I'm tired just reading that.
    Glad to hear that everything came off. Even if chaos reigns, if no one is aware of it then you can certainly count it as a success.