Early teen hormones and behavior

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ma2sevn, Oct 13, 2007.

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    Anybody know of good sites about early teen issues? My 12 yr old also has some learning issues that are really not mixing well with hormonal changes....I was wondering if you guys knew of a site I might explore. I love this site and I will post over on the Special Education 101 forum here too about this. She isnt a substance abuser so I dont see any other areas on here to look into. She is working hard at a conduct disorder, but really I see her in pain and confusion...and defiant. She used to be really anxious, and turned her feeling inward, but now they are coming outward. Does anxiety look different like that at puberty? You guys are always so good about posting different things you find..I knew you were the ones to ask.
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    Teens are just not typical with anything. And very unpredictable. I am not sure any of them even know how to explain themselves. I do not have a site that has been helpful. Just holding on and putting my expectations into perspective now and then helped some.
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    I have a page from a desk calendar taped to my wall with-one of my favorite quotes, a comment from some dr's ofc:
    "Patient has two teenage children but no other abnormalities."


    I'm going to look up endocrine disruptions, because my difficult child started getting underarm hair and BO 6-mo's ago and I need more info, and maybe a test. I'll let you know if there's anything online worth looking at.
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    Okay, not much there except to say that symptoms may appear:
    typical moodiness associated with the hormonal changes
    increased aggression
    taller than peers, at first.
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    I am just so amazed at her changes. I have heard people say that before about their teens but I didnt expect itto be like this. Or I thought my kid wouldnt be that bad. SHe was such a good kid. I really think it is the hormonal change combined with her ADD type personality and she is so forgetful. I wrote my heart out on the learning disability forum, in case you have nothing to do and wan to see more of her diagnosis issues.
    Loved the dr note about the abnormalities!!!!
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    I LOVE the quote Terry posted!!! :rofl: It is so TRUE!!!

    I'm sorry that I don't know of any informative sites for you to check out either. I think it is really hard when difficult children start going through puberty - Not only are their hormones all out of whack, BUT all of their difficult child issues are still with them!!! They seem to get hit twice as hard.

    difficult child 1 landed his first inpatient psychiatric hospital. stay when he first hit puberty. It is just a really, really difficult time. And, sometimes it's really, really difficult to know what is "typical" teen behavior and what is just difficult child behavior.

    I wish I could help you - I'm just muddling through day by day... WFEN
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    I would try the experts at planned parenthood, they deal with many people. You can also get puberty info off of the Tampax,Always,Platex and O.B. websites. They might have a section where you can submit questions. O.B. tampons were created by 2 OBGYN's who I think are female, so they ought to know something. They aren't experts in mental health, however somebody has to know something.

    Sorry this isn't much help. Some herbal health food stores might have some more natural answers or remedies. Thankfully my boys are the ones with mental disorders, but who knows how they will react with puberty and moods. I just pray the stay hygeine friendly.