easy child/boyfriend Found an Apt

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Feb 20, 2008.

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    Well, they found an apt and are moving in on March 1st. Talk about determination, huh?

    They were home this weekend and I went over the lease to make sure it was all kosher and the landlady wasn't being a shark - she wasn't, everything is spelled out very plainly and fairly.

    The apt is a first floor in a 4 family Victorian in a very nice section of upstate NY, near her school. The kitchen is kind of smallish, but the rest of the rooms and closets are roomy. The windows are those really tall ceiling to floor windows, shouldn't be too much of a challenge to find curtains for those. We were thinking sheers and then some nice drapes to go over the sheers for privacy at night. Blinds would be too pricey at this time. They have very little money for the extras.

    I am heading up there on Saturday so easy child and I can go run around and buy the essentials like kitchen and bath supplies and accessories. They have easy child's futon to start out with as their bed and when easy child gets her tax refund she's going to buy a bed (so it's HERS). They have an nighttable, shelving unit, dresser, TV, stereo, 2 lamps, a desk that H is giving them, two folding butterfly chairs and an ottoman, a lot of kitchen supplies and small appliances and cutlery, as well as 2 folding tables for now to use for the kitchen and the tv/stereo.

    They will need basic things like a flatware set, dish set and glasses, some utensils, dishcloths. A bathroom rug and some towels. An area rug for the bedroom and living room. Hangers. Curtains obviously. We're going to hit a discount store like Job Lot and The Dollar Store, as well as Walmart (I hate that place but, darnit, they have cheap stuff!). I have allotted $400 to help them get started, so if we do well on the doodads that they need, we should have about $100 leftover for their kitchen staple items.

    I hated to do it, but I stressed to easy child the importance of having these things as HERS rather than splitting the costs down the line. *Should* they break up, I will feel better knowing that easy child has things that belong to her alone so she can move into another place or whatever. I don't want to see them fighting over who gets what, Know what I mean?? So, she told me that they would split the cost of the bed ($500) and I said NO! She can use her tax check and I will kick in $100, so she will have some money left over for emergencies.

    H is against me giving her one dime for this, but I do not think that's right. This is not my difficult child - this is my normally level headed one who has a 3.1 GPA and works hard at school as well as at her PT job. I had my own apt at 19 and my parents helped me out. Granted, we're not thrilled about her moving in with boyfriend, but my providing for HER doesn't necessarily have to be about providing for HIM, Know what I mean??

    Anyway, I'm a little excited.:redface:
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    Who knows? Maybe difficult child will get some ideas of her own?

    Fingers crossed for everyone!
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    :laughing:Haha, witz. I think difficult child has - she's been checking out the apts ads, which is fine with me. She doesn't have the means to make any moves just yet, but it's nice to know she's looking. And when she makes the move, if she does it in a responsible, adult fashion, I will help her out as well.
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    Congrats to the kids for finding their own apartment. It sounds lovely. And if I wasn't living in my own Victorian I'd be jealous. lol

    I think it's a good idea for easy child to have her own things like the bed and such. Just because their living together now there is no garauntee it's gonna last forever. I'd be encouraging her own belongings as well. (although Nichole probably wouldn't listen)

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