easy child/difficult child got an award!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Feb 18, 2011.

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    i figured i post soo much bad so here is some good :)

    past week with-easy child difficult child little mix up of mine has been amazing. the zoloft is huge right now and i've been putting in extra time with-her.

    she went riding a few days ago for the first time. she came home with-two awards yesterday and so i let her friend eat over

    she got an award for raising 400 dollars for the troop thru student government she's been active in as of late. she came up with-the idea of a treadmill thing. so each person that road the treadmill for x amt of minutes paid one dollar.

    also for raising money to feed the homeless thru a food drive.

    go figure last week arrested this week awards, sweet as pie, coming to me for advice, laughing a joy. oh my god where am i?? LOL

    just wanted to share some positives for a change. was proud of her. went to store last night and bought her frames to put the awards in. she has her own little award wall now in her room. maybe next will be competition awards for riding we'll see. we go again on thursday for her next lesson
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    That is so great to hear... Those accomplishments must make her feel good about herself. The treadmill idea is a great one, how clever.
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