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    easy child and I had a Mom / daughter talk. Not difficult for us. lol Although the subject matter is touchy.

    easy child said that she believes the recent sobbing episodes are hormone related. I hope she's right, but as you know I have my doubts. She said after speaking with me on the phone, the waterworks shut off as abruptly as if started. easy child hasn't had a repeat episode in the last couple days.

    She does admit to the possiblity that it's all hitting her at once now. The date she lost the last baby is next week. The 2 pregnancies due dates being practically the same day. School, working 2 jobs (one she doesn't like), a 28 thousand dollar loan they have to pay back that isn't even theirs, and trying to figure out how to make her dream of becoming a doctor come true before she's 60. Add all this in to the normal everyday stresses of being a wife, working mother of a toddler.........well, yeah, no wonder she's breaking down.

    easy child has been miserable at the new hospital every since she started. She has been hoping the longer she worked there that it would improve as she got to know the staff. Instead, she likes it even less. But she felt obligated to stay there as they pay MUCH more than the small county hospital, and it helps them pay that d@mn loan they co-signed for off faster. (they've been making double payments on it)

    easy child said having to drop her classes last quarter liked to kill her. But she is learning the hard way that no one can be supermom. (God forbid she just listen to Mom)

    But she has decided she is just too miserable at the cincy hospital. They have a policy that gives employees a 90 day window where they can decide they don't want to stay without it counting agianst them. She could put this into act without having it count against her. She plans to do just that.

    The small county hospital she never terminated employment with, she just changed statis from full time to PRN (as needed). They've been asking her all along if she was ready to return. So she's asking them for her old job back.

    Cuz Mom told her that the money doesn't mean squat if you're miserable and a wreck. She seemed releaved that I wasn't disappointed in her inabilty to cope. I laughed and told her I can't even keep track of her schedule, let alone actually physically do it. I told her I'd be a babbling idiot in a week. (true)

    So now the second job will no longer be, either. One more huge stressor gone.

    easy child does plan to return to college in Sept. But once again she's changing majors. She's going for her bachelor's degree in nursing. From that point, she'll decide if she's ready to go toward medication school or what she wants to do. And with getting the BS in nursing, most of those classes can be done online.

    easy child has agreed that if she can't get past the overwhelming anxiety and fear she's going to lose this baby once she hears the heart beat she should at least talk to someone. Her next OB appoint is next week. She should hear the heartbeat then. Because she realizes now how obsessive ect she's been since the miscarriage.

    In the meantime.........Mom will continue to keep a watchful eye. (about all I can really do) And pray she's learning some heavy duty life lessons. And that she comes thru this ok.
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    It sounds like she's taking charge and being proactive. That's a good sign. Often when one is in the midst of a crisis doing those things is hard, if not impossible, and often one makes bad, or wrong, decisions.

    I think this sounds good. I'm sure you'll be keeping your eyes open, though.

  3. HereWeGoAgain

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    easy child seems to be dealing with things in a very healthy way, overall. I'll bet she feels much better with the stress reduced to manageable levels. Bravo to her to to her mom! Praying that the pregnancy goes well and your easy child is blessed with a healthy baby this time.
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    It sounds like she has done some serious thinking, and has made some good decisions. Sending hugs and prayers that everything works out well for her.
  5. Suz

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    Lisa, I'm very encouraged by your post. What an incredible woman you raised. I'm very proud of her...and you.

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    Thanks for the easy child update Lisa. How about a Daisy update?
  7. Hound dog

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    A Daisy update? Witz, you don't know what you're asking. :rofl:

    Daisy is overworked, overstressed, and underpaid. (actually I get paid zilch, so extremely under paid)

    I can't get Travis to make that call to the union. (can I strangle him?) He wants ME to do it. Uh, no. Going to try again tomorrow. So, everything else is currently on hold. I want to see what the union is willing to do for him first.

    Then he decided he wanted to go to college. (again) So has nagged easy child for a month to do his FASFA paperwork. She does. Then we find out he hasn't even applied to the school he wants to go to. :crazy2: And he knows how and what to do, he did it last year.

    Nichole and boyfriend drama I haven't seen since he has been banned from the house. Nothing. Nada. :D Not even so much as an arguement on the phone. And Nichole is doing very well in school.

    I already updated on easy child. But I want to add that her manager at the small county hospital was thrilled with her wanting to come back and is giving easy child her postion back. (we just found out tonight when she went to work):D

    And husband is getting ready to attempt to pull one of his "I'm too sick / injured to go to work" routines. This time it's supposedly his hips. But with all that's been going on I'm in no such mood to ignore his nonsense. Told him if we can't afford for me to see a doctor, then he can't go either. NO HIP SURGERY. Period. He pulled this with his shoulder 2 yrs ago, then decided he couldn't sleep (gimme a break) and had nasal surgery. Those 2 kept him out of work more than 6 months and cost him his last job. No way is he doing that again. (found out later neither surgery was really necessary)

    Meanwhile, I'm attempting to get this house back in order after being in school. Not fun with no air conditioning. Juggling which bills we can afford to pay and still eat. Playing with the grands and my dogs and trying to enjoy the summer.

    The biggest thing I'm doing is studying for the nursing entrance exam again. I took it on the 13th and missed making it by 4 frimping points.:mad: I'm planning on taking it again on Sept 3rd. The third time is a charm, right? Lord I hope so. It's the math that's getting me. I'm not good at story problems, and most of their math section is story problems. easy child is going to be tutoring me. This test is a loo loo.

    Now, aren't you glad you asked? :rofl:
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    Thanks, Daisy! I did want to know, so that was just fine! husband sounds like L. Every time someone is about to tell her that it's time to grow up, she has some sort of medical crisis. The last one was "the soft spot on her head". Never figured out what it was and it didn't bother her but it sure distracted everyone but me from the fact that she needed to go to class and/or get a job! Now that crisis is over. What next, I wonder? As her boyfriend has kicked her out of the house the last two times she got a job, and let her move back in each time she "lost" her job, I imagine she won't be looking any too hard.