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    is getting her permit today. we are going after school. shes very excited. me i am yet i dont' know i have alot of mixed feelings about it, shocking lol.

    she's almost 18 and i get she's going to drink with-her friends when out. i did it at that age, i think most of the adults i know now did it at that age.

    yet i just logged into her facebook and saw all her picture's and i'm bugged by them. she's back with the creepy boyfriend she was with before. the one who smokes pot, drinks and school said is "trouble". her attitude has def been worse since she's back with-him. and there are pics of her and him at his house with-his parents. his parents with whom i had a huge argument with-mos. ago. their really nutty too just like he is.

    long story why i argued with-them. it's a grose story. i was out for the day with-difficult child and i returned home was cooking dinner for me and difficult child and dog came out with-something in his mouth from the bathroom garbage. yea it was a condom. i flipped out completely. went to his parents house to tell them and tell them it's unacceptable that him and her are doing that in my house and they told me i was nuts their just kids etc .

    anyway so there she is with him and his parents in pics. than other pics of her at parties beer in hand. i'm just bugged out a bit.

    i know condom story was grose. husband and i survived that trauma a year ago. he said ok babe at least she's being safe. i said safe in our home?? grose never again. she was punished etc.

    i feel like great let me get the kid a permit, than a car so she can drink and have sex in her car that we're buying.

    am i wrong here?? just being an over reactive mom?
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    Well...I know getting the permit is a big deal. I have no idea how my parents ever allowed me to do it...lol. They must have done the ostrich deal and buried their heads in the sand because I was such a difficult child back then. I swear I dont know why they allowed me to do all the things I got to do! I would have never allowed ANY of my kids to do what I did. I got my license on my 16th birthday...was driving on interstates right away, got to drive with boyfriends out of state without adults, went flying in single engine planes with said boyfriend...all kinds of things. Im like...oh over my dead body! LOL.

    But obviously I survived!

    At least your dtr is practicing safe sex. I know its not something any parent wants to think about. We always want to think our kids are going to save themselves till marriage or 35 whichever comes first. Probably unrealistic in this day and age. I would be more concerned with the drinking and driving myself. One thing I always told my kids was that I was totally against them drinking and using drugs but should they ever find themselves in a place where they did or they were with friends who did and they didnt have a safe way home...to call me and I wouldnt lecture...then. Later consequences may come...but the consequences for driving drunk would be so severe that it wouldnt even come close to just drinking. Oddly enough...none of mine have ever driven drunk to my knowledge.