Eating and exercising?

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How's everyone doing with their eating and exercising? My exercising is o.k. I've really fallen off the wagon with eating (those 2 pieces of cake really tasted good today, and the ice cream sundaes in the lounge the other day were great, so were the muffins-get the idea?)

Hope you are doing better than me! I need to get back on track!


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Yep, I missed a couple of days exercising and it gets easier to put it off....back to the treadmill......

My eating isn't so bad, but still not losing so could be better. Thanks for the wakeup call.....</span>



Sharon, I've been walking outside 30 minutes a day. It's so nice here that I want to take advantage of the good weather. But somehow it's not the same workout I get in the gym on the treadmill. The weight isn't budging. My eating isn't great, but it isn't terrible. I think I'm going to have to step up the exercise if I want to lose those 6 pounds.

Thanks for posting this!!! I need to get back on track too!!! Like you, I keep up with exercising. However, while I continue to eat healthy foods, I've also been eating too much junk!!! I'm afraid to get on the scale...

Monday I have a complete physical scheduled. I haven't had a check-up in at least two years. So, unless I get on the scale this weekend, I might be in for a bit of a shock on Monday.

I'm going to try to get back on track NOW!!! WFEN

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I fell off the wagon with my eating, but was going gung ho with the exercise. Then my back went out for 3 weeks, so I was back to eating right but not exercising. I am feeling like my back is well enough to handle some time at curves. Plus, it's summer now and walking is always on the agenda.

I've lost a total of 10 lbs so far. I need to lose at least 10 more and then I will feel better.

Sounds like we're all working towards something which is better than nothing - here's to willpower and physical strength!! Keep going!


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Just got off the treadmill....still can't believe my weight hasn't budged....

I really tried cutting back on food, but then my body kicks into starvation mode....just need to keep moving during the day and keep with the program!</span>

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I have been back to the weight training and walking this week. I always feel so much better.
Haven't been eating well but 20hrs in the car twice in one week doesn't help. You have to munch to break the monotony.
I'm back on track but I'm afraid to get on the scale for fear of the damage caused.
Thanks for the reminder. :smile:
HELP!!! I really had good intentions yesterday and did really well until dinner. Since husband and I are always stuck with the difficult children, on Fridays I usually feed them, let difficult child 2 watch monkey movies, let difficult child 1 play computer games, clean up, and reset the table.

husband brings us home take-out from a favorite local restaurant. Last night I was very good and ordered a salad with grilled shrimp on top. husband ordered seafood scampi. Unfortunately, his meal was on top of mine. The container it was in fell apart from the bottom. My salad container hadn't been closed all the way and not only did I have a greasy, buttery sauce all over the floor, but also all over my salad.

I rinsed off the shrimp but had to toss the salad. husband said that he was in the mood for a hot fudge sundae - We hadn't had any in a long time. Of course, I couldn't let him eat alone!!! He brought back two of the largest icecream creations I've seen in a long time!!! I only planned to eat half of it, but, you know how it goes... The only bright side to this story is that the restaurant is replacing our dinners tonight.

Well, today is a new day and a new start. I know I'll get back on track today. I'm finally determined!!!

I hope all of you are doing well with your diet and excercise plans!!! I wish all of you a "HEALTHY" weekend!!! WFEN

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I have not been able to go to Curves for probably 3 weeks now due to my legs feeling weak 'cuz of my MS. I am really sad about that 'cuz I was doing so well at going my 3 times/week.

As far as eating, I have been eatly very poorly. Just like wfen's husband, my husband will say let's get gelato (Italian ice cream--new place in town and it's delicious but very rich!!) And I continue to eat Italian bread when we make spaghetti. And.....two nights ago I had to take husband to the ER with a piece of metal in his eye from grinding on a car. Afterwards, we had to go to Walgreen's at 11:30 pm for prescriptions. Well, while we waited, husband, Melissa and I all bought candy bars--BIG ones! Sitting around the ER and waiting makes you hungry, I guess.


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Last night I gave myself the night off and ate the best chicken wings I've EVER had in my life! I was only able to eat 4-5 but they were so good and I don't regret one bite. Oh, and I had 2 glasses of wine.

Today I'm back on track, but I need to up my water intake a bit. Feeling a bit dehydrated.

I've been going up and down the stairs all morning cleaning out easy child's room getting it ready for my mom's visit - that's my exercise today. I can't wait to take a nap later.

Sue, I hope you're feeling stronger again soon.