"Embrace the mat"

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    I am reading an amazing book, Eastern philosophy, which is really about panic disorder, but is applicable to how we can change our attitude about how we see our FOO and kids. It is so powerful that after I finished the first thing I thought was, "I will drive." I will try to explain it.

    In martial arts, you try to stay on your feet, but often find yourself on the mat. Embrace the mat. Don't get angry at it or yourself. It is a challenge to try again and do better. A reminder. A necessity. Instead of avoiding or hiding from your opponent, face him. Grab his hand. Don't take the passive approach yet don't be angry. We can do this. Fear causes panic and fear of others. Reach out, but in our minds. No active aggression.

    I don't know if I explained this well or if it helped anyone else. I was already pretty far into healing before my accident. This will help me regarding my sister, who reminds me of my mother, and does underhaned things and is my biggest challenge. I will have to embrace and accept who she is and welcome it so I can just move on and prove to myself that I can. She is the last of my nemeses. I barely remember I have a brother.

    I will embrace my past and my FOO. I would not be ME if they had not been THEM. I like who I am so there is good in learning to deal with chronic maltreatment and being belittled. I really believe that.

    My FOO journey has been a necessary path and Cedar and Copa were with me all the way and it really worked for me. Not 100%, but nothing is 100%. I thank them once again.

    Well, good morning to all and hope you all have a wonderful day, full of sunshine :)
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    Hey SWOT, this is great, thank you for sharing.
    It is true, if not for our past, would we be who we are today?
    Every experience in life is either going to shape us or break us, it is up to us to choose which one.
    Thank you Serenity, great work!
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    I am glad, Serenity. Martial arts philosophy is the reason I do martial arts. Even at my age, there is much to learn.


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    Maybe its just how I see it or what works best for me. I find eastern philosophy so much more helpful and sensible than western. Just makes so much sense.
    In essence this book says embrace wgat you fear rather than running from it. Your life will be richer if you accept rather thsn hide. And as we learn to accept, as it becomes our new normal, we will deal with our demons with courage, facing thr truth but not getting rattled by it. No aggression.
    I will drive again now. Maybe not long drives, but enough to function. Avoidance makes our lives smaller as we try hard to well avoid.
    This is a bit like radical acceptance plus.
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