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    When difficult child came from counsoling the last time he was given a pamphlet regarding EMDR.
    (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.)

    Anyone hear of this?
  2. My niece was in a car accident where her 17 year old boyfriend was ejected. Very tragic and graphic memories leading to PTSD. EMDR was very effective for her.
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    EMDR has been a godsend for me and difficult child, and I am willing to bet that easy child will be doing it at some point too. It is great with PTSD, anxiety, and I am sure there are other things too. Any idea what symptoms they want to target with your difficult child?
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    Hey there, both my gfg13 and me had EMDR for treatment of trauma (prolonged verbal abuse) by gfg16. It really helped both of us a lot. It was simple -- my therapist tapping on my hands (crossing midline of brain), and I spoke of and visualized some things that traumatized me, and some of my beliefs about the trauma. As she tapped, she helped me to rephrase those beliefs into statements that were lots more empowering.

    HTH some. Good luck. I've heard lots of good recommendations about EMDR.
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    The tweedles are both being treated with EMDR. Just a small warning ~ things may get worse before it gets better. It took a while before kt &/or wm were receptive to it; there are times they may still refuse EMDR because of various emotions & the like.

    It's been good here - everyone reacts differently though.
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    The psychiatrist and therapist refused to do EMDR on Kanga because they felt it was too risky for a child who dissociates. We are looking into it for Eeyore but we haven't tried it yet.
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    JJJ, it's true ~ kt struggles with EMDR in a BIG way. I've insisted on backing off since our last treatment & kt was dissociative for 2 days.

    I'm sorry - there are certain concerns. I know that's its proven to be very successful among veterans with PTSD & is just in the infant stages of being used on children.