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Well, difficult child 1 has been argueing, cutting up clothes, cutting up toys, aggressive to difficult child 2, bossy, ignoring us (and admitting to it). (We've got our siccors put up high. To be cutting up stuff he has to sneak them from the top of the fridge, cut it up, and sneak it back.) He has also started having these depressive spots. He'll hit himself saying he is a bad, stupid, little boy and he doesn't want to live. They never last long. They happen about twice a week. psychiatrist thinks it might be a reaction to the Lamictal, so we're weaning him off of it. Tonight was his first night without any. He will go a week and then start Depakote. If he is still having the depressive spots this week I'm going to call psychiatrist. Maybe its just him growing up bipolar and not conected with medications? At least the Metadate is working. I (and the school) can tell a big difference without it. The school did testing on difficult child 1 and psychiatrist was concerned about the 34 point split between the verbal and performance, so we got him an appointment with a neuropsychologist. in Aug. What can I expect at this appointment? I know it'll be long.

difficult child 2 starts "learning box" soon. That is what the EI here call ABA. I'm still being taught about it. After this (and easy child learns to walk - they don't have sib care for a non-walker) difficult child 2 can go to a social skills class 2 times a week where they'll do learning box and floor time (a child led play/teaching) and a snack. A speach therapist now comes out about twice a month and she is trying to get us to do signs for more specific things. The problem is that I don't know sign language and she is having to teach me. I think the speach therapist is helping. The jury is still out on the other stuff. I'm willing to go along and give it some time. difficult child 2 loves the child directed play/teaching.

EI has started to send someone out to our house once a week to help out. I'm not sure how this is going to be a help, but our family is stressed and does need help. I think we're going to set family goals and work on having fun as a family. There is an activiety 3 times a month where they always feed us dinner. At least I won't have to cook.

About husband, the seperation of bank accounts is complete as of last week. I now have complete control of paying bills. The only way he can undermine me is to not let me put his paycheck in the account. We have a set amount he gets per paycheck for what ever he wants. It is in our old joint account. He is already overdrawn. AND IT IS NOT AFFECTING THE BILLS!!!!! I'm glad our system works. I'm sad it only took him 1 week to lose control of his money.

easy child is almost walking. Sorry this is long.


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Sorry he is having such a rough time. Stimulants (like Metadate) can calm down their hyperactivity but increase their nastiness. So the Metadate may be helping one problem only to cause another. How long has he been on the Metadate? Generally the nastiness comes out at about 3 months after starting or increasing a dose and just gets worse.


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Good Morning Emily,

I wouldn't just put those scissors on the fridge, I would make sure they were locked up somewhere!

Sounds like some support systems are in place nad the finances are on the upswing!

Thanks for the update. Take care.



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Sorry that the mood is not stable. Could it be that the Lamictal just was not working yet because not at therapeutic level? I hope that the switch to Depakote goes well. Locking up the sharp objects sounds like a good plan. I hope the neuropsychologist appointment helps to figure things out.

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Sorry difficult child 1 is struggling so. I agree about locking up the scissors. For a long while we had to lock up all the knives in our house-we still do on occassion. Metadate really helped my difficult child with his ADHD but made him very aggressive-for him all stimulants do that.

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It's so hard to watch our difficult children displaying such out of control symptoms. Yup, lock up those scissors & all sharps if necessary. At the very least, report these behaviors to psychiatrist for documentation purposes - I'd check in with psychiatrist.

I hope difficult child stabilizes soon.


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Im in agreement abt locking up the scissors-we had to do that with difficult child as well for a time and still I routinely have to check on him -if hes too quiet etc......as hes usually cutting something or messing with some kind of lotion or water...okay the posibilities are endless....just really keep an eye on him.....
It sounds like things are starting to all come together for you and your family-that is great to hear-the in home help and the outings sound really wonderful :)Sorry your difficult child is having a hard time-hopefully the medication change will be better for him....I hate the medication merry-go-round.