I am to give difficult child 1 tablespoon of mineral oil a day, and he is to sit on toilet 5-10 minutes after every meal & before games/tv etc. I sure hope it helps. The constipation was confirmed with an xray. Dr. said it could take 6 months for him to regain feeling/tone in the bowels. I am keeping track on a calendar. Next appointment in 6 weeks ...finally on the right path I think, so I'm glad of that.


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Could you explain this diagnosis a bit to me. My difficult child holds-he's scared of it overflowing and the noise, so he will hold....hes gotten better as we have to keep a routine-he goes or tries to go every night, etc-but Im kinda worried maybee something else is going on???How do you know etc?


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Good luck. I started difficult child on a stool softener (not a laxative)
so there would be less chance of huge solid stools. So long as I
just add them to the little paper cup with his other pills he swallows them at night. We haven't had a plumbing backup since
the softeners were added. Hooray! Hope your method works for you. DDD