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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. susiestar

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    We are going to try Jess in public school again this year. She will be at our jr high (with some of MY old teachers - they also had Wiz:anxious:). We pulled her out of the middle school because she was having so many migraines and seizures - and doctor visits out of town.

    Please cross fingers that the placement testing goes well AND that she is stable enough to handle school.

    I know we are increasing her anti-seizure medications and working on her migraines. Crossing fingers that it all works out!
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    Crossing a variety of body parts!

  3. Shari

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    Prezel-ville here! Hope it goes well!
  4. mrscatinthehat

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    Hope things go well.

  5. susiestar

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    They are going to do some testing - she is freaking out a bit. We have done the work, I think she will do fine as she is a really smart kid. But when she gets anxious she seems to have more noticeable seizures - and more of them. Her medications won't be at the desired level until late October, so she IS having more seizures. That means she misses parts of things that are going on - which is why I am worried about her in the classroom. At home I can go over things again very easily, at school that won't happen.

    Well, I guess I have to have something to worry about. This is it for this week.
  6. Abbey

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    Gosh. From my experience as being a teacher, she needs an 'advocate,' not in the legal sense. She needs someone who will take her under their wing. Do you have any friends who work at the school?

    I've done this more times than I can count. Whomever I took in always knew they had a safe place to go and I was the buffer between the other teachers who were not so tolerate. Sometimes it was teacher ignorance, sometimes it was the child who make bad choices. But to have someone who is the negotiator is very helpful.

    I remember the first one at my last school. He was actually quite bright, but VERY, VERY ADHD. Now, *I* understand this disorder. Most do not. It broke my heart to see him sit outside of his English class on the floor because this veteran teacher couldn't handle him. So I took him in. I told him anytime he was put out of class, he was welcome in my classroom, but he still had to do the work. I just thought that was so humiliating for him.

    So, nearly every day he'd waltz in and go sit in my office while I was doing class. And...he'd work. He thought he was really special to be in my office. Fast forward 6 years and I still keep in touch with him.

    I hope your daughter finds someone who will be her advocate as a friend.

  7. I hope it all goes well for her! Good luck.
  8. Wiped Out

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    I agree with Abbey. She needs an advocate, someone who will understand and willing to help. Crossing all body parts here!
  9. ML

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    I have a feeling this is going to be a great year. Prayers and positive thoughts coming your way. Hugs, ML
  10. Big Bad Kitty

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    I do hope you can get her an advocate.

    Prayers for the best school year ever.
  11. KTMom91

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    Sending hugs and saying prayers that Jess has the most awesome year!
  12. susiestar

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    You are all great. She has some really good friends who will help if they can and are in the same classes. That helps with the social stuff. Boys are a problem, socially, because she is very developed physically but thinks the guys do too much dumb stuff.

    I think several teachers will pull her under their wings IF she will let them know she is having trouble. My 9th grade English teacher loved me, and loved Wiz. She actually still had my 9th grade Christmas essay and sent it to me via Wiz for Christmas the year he had her. She will ahppily help. So will several others. I was liked by teachers, Wiz was a problem, but mostly liked (even by the computer teacher who dared teh kids to hack through the firewall and was then FLOORED AND APPALLED when my 8th grade son DID!!! We allwondered what she was thinking to DARE a bunch of jr high kids to hack anything!)

    Anyway, I just am hoping and praying for the best.

  13. Abbey

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    It just takes one, Susie. One teacher, custodian, aide, to help guide her under the guise of being a friend and safe place to be.

    Friends...well, at this age, they come and go by the minute. Someone constant that will be that rock when she needs it is important. And I'm quite sure that you can say that to 'some' teacher and they'll get the point.

    It's not enabling your child. It's someone who advocates for changes and is willing to help your child go through them. So you had a meltdown. What are we going to do now to make sure this doesn't happen again? Let's set out a plan. Sometimes it is just a safe place to go and weep and hide. That's ok. Here it is...calm down. Then we'll talk.

    One of the best people at my last school was a custodian. He was probably about a 70 year old African American guy...sweet as sugar. If my office was overloaded, I'd ask Joe to take one on. He'd take them around in his VERY slow motion movement as he tended to the cactus gardens, just chatting his lungs out. It was very soothing for the kids. He'd throw in his tidbits of wisdom, then bring them back to my room. He's a keeper.

    I hope you can find a support system like this.

  14. WhymeMom?

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    I taught junior high many years ago and it has to be some the hardest years for everyone to go thru.......just a time of changing and moving away from parents.....testing new friendships and trying to figure out your self..... Wouldn't want to go back there for a million $$$$....... Sounds like you have been working on great support system.....hope it goes well and keep in mind these are difficult years for all the kids......and parents too........
  15. susiestar

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    I truly admire those of you who have worked with this age group for your careers. It takes a lot of dedication and caring (and a little bit of craziness, LOL - my dad spent over 35 years teaching this age!)

    I will be reaching out to some people. The amazing ED teacher that nurtured Wiz through this school retired after Wiz got through. he actually POSTPONED his retirement by a year partly because he knew Wiz needed him. He was a guy I had worked with the first summer I came home from college - selling beer during the night shift at a convenience store! He was an expert with these kids. ALL of them. With his help (and my parents and some teachers) Wiz actually got through and went on to totally regular education classes after 9th grade!!! Wiz will graduate 6 months after turning 17 and will spend another year in the vocational school learning a trade to pay his way through college!

    Jessica has actually had the same core group of friends since first grade. They do make big changes through now and high school, but so far they are all very supportive and caring with each other.

    Today we do placement testing. Fingers crossed, she is vervous.