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I tuned in briefly last night to see Neelah comforting her ex-roommate............what on earth happened to him? He's a mess, and a double amputee??? :nonono: :sad: :faint:

Can someone please fill me in?

(also-did Abby and Luka get married?)



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> at luka & abbey's wedding, ray, neela & stamos's character got in a kufflma over neela. ray went off drinking & got creamed by a truck. he had severe crush injuries to his lower legs & they had to amputate.

it's awful. i thought neela was trying to find him to tell him she loved him. i guess ray won't be back next season.

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(the future) MRS. GERE
:smile: :faint: :sad:

Thanks, Kris.

Who was the young woman who told Neela off last night? I got the feeling that the girl thought she was his girlfriend? But maybe not?


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That girl who told Neela off last night had a brief sexually based fling with Ray back when Ray realized that Neela and Gates had hooked up...he figured to h.e.l.l with it and sought comfort in her arms. The girl was pis.sed at Neela because she was basically blown off by Ray when he thought he might have a shot with Neela and then Neela floundered while Ray drown in sorrows in the drink and lost his legs. I was sooooo disappointed at that outcome. I can't believe the writers had something so severe happen to Ray...what a way to leave us hanging. I was really hoping that Ray and Neela would end up together and now it looks like Gates will win the prize afterall. I can't stand John Stamos' character - ugh.

I was having such sympathy pains for Neela while she was trampled last night. Now I am hooked for another season, jeesh.

I missed the beginning, where was Luca last night? Did he go to Croatia? I love Morris.


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I'm so glad you started this thread. I also had missed what happened to Ray and was shocked to see him last night. I even tried a google search to find out what had happened to him but only found that he had been hit by a truck but not what led up to it.

I had stopped watching ER for a while but have started tuning in again.