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All right ladies and gents, I am taking a college writing class and will be writing several essays. I can think of several topics for some of them, but this essay is an exploratory essay, where we either have no opinion about a subject or have an untested opinion. I thought about writing on the controversial matter of using psychiatric medications in children, but I am rather stuck in my opinion and do not know if I can pull it off. It may be easier for me to write about something I care about but do not know a lot of facts about. I care about issues that come up on this board. Any ideas?

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I did mine on the topic of "when does Life begin". Turned out to be a really interesting topic for an essay. I think I could've written about it forever.


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I did mine on how families with difficult children that do not have a lot of resources are forced to sign their children over as wards of the state in order to get the type of psychiatric help their children need. There are some heartbreaking stories out there. This is also something that could be combined with some of the issues that the movie SIcko raises.