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    Diva has been battling severe hyperhidrosis for several years. Botox injections are not really working - they wear off way before she is suppose to have the next round and they are expensive and her insurance will terminate under husband's policy when she turns 19 unless she signs up to be a full time student (I will work on this criteria).

    She is now investigating Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy, a surgery to end the sweating. It does not sound very promising as over half the people who do this will have the side effect of compensatory sweating in the back, abdomin, thighs, legs and many of these at a level worse than the original problem.

    Has anyone out there had any kind of experience with extreme sweating and treatments?

    Thank you!
  2. susiestar

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    When I first met husband, and the next year or so after, he sweated hugely, esp in the armpits and feet. I switched his antiperspirant around, new kind every month. His body seemed to get used to a brand and it would stop working as well.

    I got rid of ALL of his shirts that were not cotton, and most of the ones that were not 100% cotton. Boy he hated that phase, the man of the wild tie-dye shirt at our wedding reception!

    He eventually got better. Not fixed, but better. Part of what helped was having him NOT use a ton of antiperspirant on each pit. I got him the kind of stuff that clicks up a set amount of the stuff. I think that may have been an important step. He went from using a large stick of deodorant/AP per WEEK to using it up in about a month.

    When he was using so much more deodorant it actually would get to the point it didn't wash out of his shirt - it stayed and the armpits of the shirt would get hard and crackly!!! I am SOO glad we are not dealing with that yet.

    I did learn that Jessie was getting a rash from her bra on warm/hot days. Once it cleared up she decided to try a swipe of antiperspirant wher the bras rubbed her torso. It made a HUGE difference. She stopped getting the rash AND the infected hair follicles from the bra rubbing.
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Sorry, no help here. What a frustrating issue to be dealing with!
  4. Hound dog

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    I've heard of the condition, but haven't heard of any treatment other than the one you mentioned. And I've never had reason to look into it's success rate. Have you tried googling it for more info?

    husband sweats profusely. Like Susie, I make him change his antipersperant often. Gold bond powder in his shoes helps with the feet. I also make him spray antipersperant in his shoes. His clothes are 100 percent cotton, all of them.
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    My oldest sweats too much on his hands. Tough when you meet new people. I had a contraption that held water and delivered small electrical shocks to his skin. It did work but he didn't like the sensation and stopped using it. I don't blame him. It worked on feet as well.
  6. Star*

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    DF's family is Swedish and German. They have told me that they are a bunch of profuse sweaters. They were not lying.

    husband keeps and likes to have his den at about a constant 68 degrees with 3 fans going all times of the year. It physically pains him to be near a heater or stove.

    It's embarassing for him - he has only all cotton shirts, and wears a head band too and still sweats. It's the weirdest thing - we'll be standing in an airconditioned room and everyone else will be in a long sleve shirt or suit and he'llbe in a tshirt and the sweat will just pour off his body - his hair looks greasy and unkept a lot due to the profuse sweating.

    I thought it was maybe the medications - but it is not. I thought he didn't drink enough water - nope. It's just how he is and it's all over his head, back, legs, waist.....

    I'm eager to see if anyone else has had success with anything.
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    Thank you! She has gone through the prescription deodorants as well as botox which helps but you have to redo the procedure and it is very expensive.

    She reminded me that a few years ago when we talked to a doctor (can not find this doctor) that an electric device was also mentioned (I think like what House of Cards mentioned). I did not see that when I was googling but will look again.

    She is mostly German so Star's input is very interesting. Must be the brats and krauts our ancestors ate? LOL!

    Diva is considering contacting the Mayo clinic. I told her to enroll in a school near it and as she is a full time student, she can stay on our insurance, go to school, and work on this health issue.

    I have found a name of a book "Stop Sweating and Start Living" by Mike Ramsey that I hope is in the library.

    I think she needs to seriously focus on her diet to find out if something(s) she eats is contributing.

    Still looking for people's experiences and what has helped or not!

    Thank you again!