evaluation tomorrow...


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Well we go for my difficult child's evaluation tomorrow. If you don't know he's been in a childrens shelter for 2 weeks pending the evaluation. His "caseworker" ( I use the term loosely) is to pick him up and bring him to the facility. I spoke with the caseworker today nad he has pretty much made up his mind BEFORE the evaluation has even been done that he is recogmending placement for my son.
Maybe I'm only saying this because "I'm a mom" but don't you think he should wait until the evaluation is over to see the recogmendation made by the professional? He says he will "review" the results with his supervisor ("Mrs. Personality") He just seems like a man who's tired of his job and lock them all up. I truely believe if my son is evaluated properly and put on the right medications it would help more than just locking him up.
Sorry to go on and on just thinking too much tonight. :rolleyes:


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I'm so sorry ::::big hugs::::

I guess it's the "hurry up and wait" game for the evaluation results, huh? I mean, he can recommend all he wants, but they can't do anything until they get the actual evaluation and recommendations from the doctor, right?


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I was told even if the doctor recogmend difficult child comes home the case worker, supervisor, etc can still place him. I'm new to all this and have been told different things.

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What is the criteria for placement; where would this placement be? The only papers husband & I signed for therapeutic placement was a transfer of physical custody. We still maintain all legal rights as parents; it was all voluntary. If I chose to do so, I could pick wm up tomorrow & move to California.

As you are uncomfortable with this contact an attorney that specializes in family law.

Again, I'm not hearing any criteria for an out of home placement. Did I miss something?

Rattling beads for you - sounds like you are just overwhelmed by the situation.


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VERY OVERWHELMED!!!! I have no idea on where. when i asked the caseworker he says he hasn't looked into any place yet. That's another thing I don't understand. He says he's recogmending placement all the way but doesn't know where. i'm very confused.
I am going to wait until tomorrow and see what takes place then if this man is going to just let my son sit and fall thru the cracks of this wonderful system he may just see where my son gets his temperment. Well I won't get too out of hand it would probably just hurt difficult child's case even more especially with him in charge.


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One more thing to add for the night.... don't get me wrong difficult child is where he is by all the fault of his own. But I feel that he needs more than just locked up "somewhere" i truely beleive he has emotional problems and needs help. I want him home more than aything but I know I can't tell him that, because tha twould just give him more reason to put it all on me. He need to be responsible for his actions and lack there of.
Look at me going on and on, but I guess it just so nice to be able to talk with people who understand.
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!