Executive Function Skills Seminar

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    A local CHADD chapter and autism/asperger's support group chapter hosted an executive function skills seminar for parents. The speaker was Sara Gardner, a speech/language pathologist who travels extensively lecturing on this topic, which is her main area of interest. She has a daughter who has explosive issues and major problems with the whole area of executive functioning.

    husband actually went with me this year! I am SO glad, because while I understand a bit about these issues, he has always been clueless (and not really that interested in learning why our kids are the way they are, let alone how to help them).

    I think we both came away with a lot of great information and tools and strategies for how to help our kids with school and how to make life smoother here at home.

    Much of what was covered echoes a lot of the Collaborative Problem Solving approach I've read about -- just puts it into different language. We also learned how to help our kids break down their homework so it's more manageable and less overwhelming. The same goes for chores and daily routines at home. And how to get out of the mode of TELLING your kids always what to do, and instead teaching them to THINK for themselves and how to have forethought in their lives.

    I'm still digesting the information... it was an all-day seminar, from 9am to nearly 4pm with a brief lunch and a few short breaks. The hand-out is over 200 pages long and is being emailed to us.

    husband is already trying to put into practice some of the things he learned! That alone is a thrill for me! To finally have him using that big brain of his to attempt a better job at parenting... ;)
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    I would love to have the contact info. There have no resources where we live and I do have some contact where I "might" be able to arrange a similar seminar. DDD
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'll PM you the info later today or tomorrow. :) The fee for attendees is typically around $200 per person, but since these groups were able to get the facilities and materials donated, it was only $65 per person!
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    GvcMom-Sounds interesting! Good for husband for taking an interest!
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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    That is so cool! I am glad husband went as well.

    I wish more of these things made it over here. Most of them hit Phoenix.
    But things are changing, we all need to keep asking and they will start showing up in smaller markets, someday!