Facebook help needed, please.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by svengandhi, Aug 19, 2013.

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    I have a FB page. My only friend is my daughter. I use her to monitor H's page. Anyway, I have somehow been linked to numerous sports team pages and Farmville. I know the sports pages didn't come through daughter or H since all of us detest sports in every way and never watch, attend or do anything with them. It annoys me to have to scroll down 15 entries about sports I don't care about but I don't know how to delete them. I certainly didn't choose to like them or subscribe to them. So, please help me get rid of these unwelcome annoyances.

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  2. busywend

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    Usually down the left side are 'apps' or 'games' that somehow have gotten tied to you. You can go there to delete them.
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    1.jpg 2.jpg
    You'll have to click on each of these pictures to make them bigger. In the upper right corner of each post is a down-arrow, if you click it and then "I don't want to see this" it will bring up a list of possibilities...
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    3.jpg On the left side is a list, choose App Center
    4.jpg Then choose My Apps
    5.jpg Then click on the app you want to get rid of
    6.jpg Then click Remove or Block, as you wish!

    OH... And change your password.