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This morning, kt called me a "fashion dragon" - you're dragging down my sense of style, mom! :smile: :rofl:

The appropriate fashion battle begins! :surprise:

My name is Linda & I'm proud to be a "Fashion Dragon". :wink: :flower:


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I have to say......I was just reading the good morning thread and came back to the postings for General and saw this one. Thought to myself......."Hmmm.....I'm guessing Kt is up!" :rofl:

What is it with our difficult child's? I know parents of easy child's have clothing issues too (especially girls) but :hammer:

For a boy, mine has come up with some very strange combinations and as long as everything is covered and he's in no danger of strangling himself with some of his more, ahem, inventive homemade necklaces (don't ask! lol) I just ignore it. He's the one who's walking around looking like an idiot. Girls, though, I imagine are a bit different. What a meanie you are.......bad fasion dragon, BAD!!!! :rofl:

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I can ignore a lot of the more "creative" outfits kt comes up with but my 12 y/o daughter is not going about town strutting her stuff with the outfit she put together.

I don't even know where this outfit came from. :smile:

I hate how media pushes the early sexualization of our children - especially our girls. easy child or difficult child!

Again - I'm proud to be a fashion dragon. :warrior:


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I want to adopt again and want a girl this time. Soooooooo.....I should be rethinking that????? lol Sounds like puberty has hit the tweedle household.

P.S. I hear that duct tape has good coverage and adheres well to clothing. Have you tried that? It comes in a variety of colors now!

P.P.S. Maybe put together a similar outfit for yourself when she comes up with one of the more objectionable ones. See what she thinks then!!! (Actually all my mom had to do was tell me she liked it and I changed clothes immediately)
Oh thank you Linda for the smile this morning! Aly came out of her room in khaki Peddle pushers, an "undershirt/sports bra" and expected husband to take her to the grocery store with her belly hangling out and Heelies on. husband burst into hysterical laughter at the outfit and I just "let it go, let it flow". He wasn't about to take her out in public in her less than appropriate attire and made her put a sweatshirt on. She called him "the fashion police and that she was old enough at 9 years old to wear what she wants" And that started WWIII! I calmly said to husband that if Aly wants to look silly in 45 degree weather with nearly nothing on, that it was her choice, definetly NOT a basket A for me!! She agreed with one of those "shorty" sweatshirts and off they went. husband was mortified by his 9yo little girl looking like a "tramp" and I pulled him aside and said "Let it go, let it flow" at least she had something on and was happy with her choice of clothing. I am guessing she will either decide she was freezing in her idea of "fashion" or will be embarrassed at the strange looks from this "bible belt" town and will change her clothes when she gets home. I am soooooo over trying to help her pick out "appropriate clothes" and then her having a 2 hour meltdown over the unfairness of it all. Basket C item for me!!



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I hope you congratulated her for such a great line - stuff like that from my kids, I publicly adopt. They do the same with me, so that way I end up with my words coming out of their mouths, one way or another.

As for mom adopting the same fashions - I don't recommend it. My mother did that when mini skirts came in and my sisters twigged immediately what she was up to, and either ignored her or complimented her on her fashion sense. They knew SHE'D never leave the house wearing a mini skirt. So they kept pushing her to. She soon took her hemlines down again.

Besides, a lot of fashion is about separating the young, slim wheat from the chaff of middle age. It's about drawing lines in the sand, "I can look sexy in this, or it can make me look frumpy and even worse than I really am. The mirror will decide."
As a result, even attractive girls can look ridiculous.

by the way, I see bubble skirts are back - at least this time they're in a synthetic blend that doesn't need ironing... my brother in law ruined his daughter's pure cotton bubble skirts because they naturally got crushed in the wash. Then he ironed them so thoroughly they had a crease in the edge of the bubble. His daughter refused to wear them ever again. Bubble skirts - one of the more stupid fashions. Other stupid fashions - monochrome lycra singlet tops that show every bulge of blubber in anyone who isn't stick thin. And in those who ARE stick thin, it shows every rib. Never a good look. (So why did I buy three!??) And then these tops are worn over hipster lycra pants, or hipster skirt. Unless you have a perfect body it looks awful. Even on a perfect body it looks ordinary. So why is it that the only girls who wear this stuff end up looking like a bowl of bread dough falling off the bench? Muffin top in the extreme.

Fashion makes it clear who is young and sexy, and who is older and needs to not be so outrageously slavish to the latest trends. Young girls can look not too revolting in modern, rapidly changing fashions. But once you're past the age of about 20 it begins to look wrong.

By the time I got past my mother's fashion police I was too old to wear the latest fashions. I couldn't afford them, anyway, so I invented my own. Really up to date fashions change really fast, tend to look weird and will get discarded after only two or three outings. What about teaching kt to sew her own clothes? Or enrolling her in a modelling course? Not sure how the courses are in your area, but over here they teach a girl what looks good on HER, how to dress wisely for her figure type and how to recognise what works and what doesn't. I've seen girls enrol in fashion modelling or fashion design and suddenly leave the slavish fashion following to others. Mind you, they still tend to dress distinctively, but also much more classically.

Kt is trying to find her feet as far as her self image is concerned. She's had a bumpy ride and I can see husband's concern, but I can also see that you want her to work it out for herself rather than try to impose parental will by force.

If kt tries making her own clothes it works best if she sketches them first so she's got an idea of how she would look. Also, if you have a photo of her in swimsuit scanned onto your computer, she could use any one of a number of graphics packages to 'try on' various clothes to see how they look, before she actually buys or makes them. You could sit with her and play. Get yourself scanned in too, so you can both try on clothes in a virtual way. A lot of teen fashion is experimentation. If she's looking for approval from peers she could print out some likely looking outfits and show them to her friends. Or they could join in too, and have a computer fashion party. It's a great way to learn without putting it all out there on the street.

I hope husband can get his BiPolar (BP) down to safe levels - fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy ride.



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Oooh, "Fashion Dragon" - I like it!! Our easy child is a fasion diva already - at 7, so I can just imagine what we're in for when she hits the tween/teen years.

Great nickname kt came up with!!

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:rofl: :rofl:

I love it.

I left my girls alone as long as they had nothing inappropriate showing.

If they dressed to hot or too cold for the outside temp, oh well. They were the ones to suffer. easy child went thru this stage where she hated being short. Had to buy these mega clod hopper shoes (platforms). Then whined that they made her feet and legs ache. Well, duh. She had to walk 2 miles to and 2 miles from school each day. :hammer:
N went thru a period of not wearing a coat. So she froze walking to and from school cuz Mom wasn't driving her just because she was too lazy to wear a coat. lol And if she got sick, she went to school anyway.

Any clothing I found inappropriate somehow turned up missing once it went into the laundry room. Hmmmmmm. I guess they went the way of all those stray socks. Cuz they were never seen again. :rofl: :rofl:
:rofl: Life with tween girls!!! Lots of fun isn't it??? :rofl:
My husband tells my easy child that she has "plumber's crack" all the time!!! Her typical response, "DAAAD!!!" Then she knows she better go change!!! Here's to "Fashion Dragons" :smile:!!! I'm proud to be a member of the club!!! Kt is too funny!!! :rofl: WFEN


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I guess I'm a Fashion Dragon too because at the age of 5 my daughter asked me when she could start wearing belly shirts. My response was, "When your husband tells you that you can."

I hear these "dragon" phrases all of the time lately (social dragon, school dragon) and I think they are hilarious.