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    i, I am advocating for my daughter to attend high school in the fall half days . My idea right now is 2 academic classes, an art class and lunch. Plus,this will be her second year on this volleyball team. She will be 16, a Junior.
    She has never had an IEP except for the homebound services she is currently receiving in Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (been in hosptial since Feb. 3) from the next county.

    In our county, homeschooled students can take classes and participate in extracurricular classes.

    My concern is obtaining the accomodations she will need. I have already requested a multidisciplinary evaluation from the county pychologist and the high school she will be attending. I am considering not having her do it as the academic portion will come out much lower than it will when I accomodate her. She will be required to take remedial math and reading which I wish to avoid with her. I can work on remediation with her a few hours a day as she does her classes. I am also having a private nerupych done, as well as private speech and hearing evaluations.
    I would like the primary accomodations to be for her speech and hearing issues.
    Since her biploar pyscotic manic epsiodes starting in June, 2008, she has been operating acedemically on about on the fourth -fifth grade level (Brigance assessment stated this last month). I have alwasys accomodated . She is also deaf in one ear. So, language skills have always been challenging for her. I think with lots of accomodations and me helping her a few hours a day she could do eleventh grade English and geometry.
    She took the FCAT when she was still pretty unstable in the hospital (state test required for graduation) I do not want these used for placement. I can give her CAT or Iowa Basics (CAT is much shorter, to show she is on grade level.
    My main question is she will need extra time, prefertial seating,etc., visual cues, a notetaker. I know I need to have recent audiological and speech/language evaluations. with specefic reccomendations. Who will write the IEP? Should I request this before the end of this school year?
    I intend to have the speech, language, and CAT results. Anything else?She has been doing online private high school but I have been accomodating so much, it is not representative of what she could actually do in a public high school setting.
    I would prefer that her bipoar/mental health/substance abuse stuff/conduct disorder not be brought out as she plans to do varsity volleyball and no one knows about this.
    Thanks, Sallie
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    Sorry -- I'm having severe back problems and haven't been able to sit at the computer.

    You ask for what you want.

    There are some threads in the Sp Ed 101 archives that will answer some of your questions regarding IEP meetings such as Preparing for the IEP meeting at“how-to-”-and-iep-meetings.4679/ may help some.

    I've posted a link to the Parent Attachment to the IEP in this forum several times. I'd look for it for you, but I have to get out of this chair for a while. You should be able to find it by doing a search.

    Again, I apologize for not responding more timely.