feeling mopey this Learning Disability (LD) weekend


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Well....I just feel icky today.......and wanting hugs from my cyber friends. I have some sort of bug today, feeling sick........
difficult child is bumbling around the house looking forlorn and lost. His dad has not called for plans for labor day, as usual, and he is feeling anxious - consequently - angry. Yay!

I know there are so many more on the board with bigger problems than me.......so please ignore me if you are one of those people, because you need more hugs than I do - in fact I am sending them right now.
I just wish that I could have a normal labor day. Ya know the one ~ where everyone sits out by the pool BBQing ~ and the kids joyfully run amock, without once getting rude with one another ~ and the one where I have an attentive boyfriend that follows my every move with adoration :laugh: OK.........I know, I have gone too far into never never land. But really!


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LOL, Weeping. I have a husband and unfortunately I won't be getting him to follow my every move with adoration this Learning Disability (LD) weekend either. They always look so much cuter until they're yours. Don't get me wrong, mines still cute, but they all have flaws. Like, my mattress smells like BO in the middle where he lays on his arm while he sleeps. EWWWW!
He eats anything and I mean anything, in fact, one time, in our old van, I had Popeyes chicken strips one day and left the remains in the van. Well, with 6 kids, my old van was never clean. So it was there for more than a week. Ya, you guessed it, he popped those bad boys in his mouth, ate them right up. Well, it just so happens I went to clean the van that night and though, hmm, thats strange, I swear there was chicken strips left. Asked husband and he said, "Oh, those weren't from today?" EWWWWWWWWWWW!


Okay, now here is a lovely story about an old friends husband. She walked in on him once and he was squatting over the sink. No, he wasn't using it for a toilet. He said he was "airing out his but*." DOUBLE EWWWWWWWWWW


I'm sorry you've got a bug today! If it was just a bummer of a day I'd invite ya over for a drink and you could watch me do my crazy baking tonight. I have a bajallion things to cook both for school Tuesday as well as birthday celebration tomorrow night.

Besides the birthday celebration, which will be filled with annoyed adults dealing with hyper kids and it probably won't even be me who's annoyed...we aren't doing anything for Learning Disability (LD) weekend. We use to do BBQs at my house or moms, but I'm just too tired these days to keep up with it all.


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OMG.......thank you for the laugh.........love the buttocks in the sink. MEN! You are right, if I had one, I would be wanting to give him back :cry:
Oh well.......just wishin' for something different this Learning Disability (LD).

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Well, okay WW, this conversation has gone downhill very quickly. :rofl: :smile: :surprise:

Weeping, I was kind of feeling the same way - had really planned earlier this spring on a camping trip for this last weekend before school starts again.

It's really harder on kt - she goes to the park & there are no kids to play with.

I'm sorry you're feeling so blue this weekend. I hope you can find something to help you feel okay with being home & just hanging out this weekend. :beach:


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I kinda know what you are going thru. I can never go do anything cause it hurts or I just dont feel well enough.

Even if I manage to go, I just sit in the motel.

I hope things get better. Kids do grow up...sometimes...sigh...lol.