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    so difficult child I's girlfriend is being shipped to the Phillipians to live with family, her Mom and step Father have given up. I am not judging them, I am well aware of how much H&ll a teenager can cause, but it seems sad to see them just ship her off, and they're moving to a different State after she leaves!

    So it is probably best for the both of them, I do not know alot about the Phillipians, but I think she will be living in a populated area, and maybe difficult child I and her will have a long distance relationship, they can't make babies, that way can they???
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    The last part works for me! No babies right now ;)

    Aww....sounds like you did a very nice thing & let them spend some time together.

    Hopefully the decision her Mom & step Father have made is the one that is the best for her ;)
  3. amazeofgrace

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    That's the sad part, she also has an 11 y/o and two toddlers with her husband, I do not see alot of parental involvement, it seems they just want her out of their life, which again I can sincerely relate with, when difficult child I is at his worst I would like to send him to timbuktwo, but thinking and doing are 2 different things.
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    When my daughter was about 14 or 15, she had decided she was in love with a guy who promised to marry her and take her to El Salvadore where his dad was going to building them a house (with an added plus that everyone got a green card in the process) I can't tell you how many times I left work to go chase around the neighborhood looking for her, and found her in Mr. Rich Guys apartment - one room that he shared with his mother and three siblings (guess thats why his father had so much money..NOT)

    She found herself on a plane and 3,000 miles later, the next day, was in residence in Pittsburgh. where she stayed for a long time till I moved far away from where we lived and until I felt it was safe to bring her back.

    I couldn't chase after her every day, and I knew sooner or later, the odds of her getting herself in big doo doo, i.e. quitting school and pregnant were looming, and nothing I was saying was sinking in..

    I can give you one piece of advice, make sure your phone is blocked for long distance phone calls - I don't even want to tell you what kind of phone bill we were looking at for a few months.

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    LOL my Mom just told difficult child I that our unlimited long distance does not include calls out of the country!
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    I think a lot of the "tough" is a facade. It doesn't surprise me that she broke down. I'm glad you had a talk with her. Definitely block the long distance on the phone, and might I add, no video hookup to the computer. EEWWW!
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    LOL! I am still waiting to see if it actually happens. The teen drama is sometimes a bit warped in comparison to the reality of things!
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    If we can get a twofer I think Dude could learn PHillipino.......:tongue:
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    I like the part about not being able to make babies long distance.
    It also doesn't surprise me that she broke down and cried with-you. The tough ones take longer but they do it.
    Nothing you can do about it now. You gave her a shoulder to lean on so hopefully it will smooth the bumpy ride out of the country.
    Now you can focus on your difficult child again.