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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Malika

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    I was going to title this post "Feeling exhausted" and then I thought no, Malika, don't play up the drama... I don't feel exhausted but I do feel tired after a day with J. Not that he was so difficult today - he really wasn't, and there was lots of his moments of sweetness, touching affection and funny takes on things to make it nice, and special, to be with him, on the whole. But he is so hyperactive. Talks nineteen to the dozen, constant running commentary on things, physically just constant, constant - jumping, swirling, running, doing fake karate kicks, jumping on my back, touching everything... He was tired after a late night last night (and didn't sleep correspondingly late) and this, paradoxically, makes him even more hyperactive. I'm not even complaining, or trying to make it be another way than it is... but I do find it annoying and difficult to deal with when he keeps jabbing me in the face or jumping onto me... At the same time, this incredible energy that never diminishes, physical strength and co-ordination probably means he is going to be a gifted sportsman. I'm hoping to get him started with rugby soon - that should suit him :)
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    Some small portion of this is actually typical kid.
    At which point the typical husband rounds up the troups to go run off steam somewhere else and give you a break.

    When you're running solo... there IS nobody else.

    I really don't know how single parents do it.
  3. mama2abc

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    I hear you! There are just some days that are harder than others. I love that you look at his energy as a positive and that he will make a great athlete! Hang in there...
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    Speaking as a single parent with a hyperactive child, I LOVE playgrounds and parks. THEY can run and do all that other stuff and I don't have to run to keep up. On days like that, we'd pack lots of sandwiches, drinks, and snacks and go for the whole day. I usually brought a book or music so I didn't get bored. That's all I COULD do.

    I totally understand the "exhaustion". They are so busy I get tired just watching them! LOL
  5. Malika

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    Oh yes, Te Do! We are surrounded by an immense "park" of beautiful Mediterranean countryside and this afternoon we took J's bike and drove up to our favourite forest where he rode his bike to his heart's content, picked flowers for me and the dog (which he put in her collar, saying she was now "a princess"), admired butterflies, collected his beloved sticks... and we had a lovely time. If only life were lived in the open air. there would be room for hyperactivity :) It's in my small house that everything starts feeling stressful and a bit unmanageable...
  6. TeDo

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    Malika, I have a 2 story house and when difficult child 1 REALLY needs to move, even that isn't big enough. It can be difficult to steer that energy in a good direction when space and options are limited. I totally understand!
  7. Confused

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    I understand about their energy and being tired. Its like I know he's got part of the "He's all boy" saying, but wow. Its not easy, and its just as if the moment we sit, it's go time! Aw, that is nice about J being a gifted sportsman, sounds like he will be! Hugs to you!
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    When difficult child 1 was young I got a jogging trampoline which could be rolled away behind a cupboard. When I needed it (on wet days when the kids were a bit wilder than usual) I would set it up and get the kids to jump. Sometimes if difficult child 1 was too active, I would send him to do 50 jumps on the jogging trampoline. It bought me a little time and burned up a little of his exuberance.

  9. buddy

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    OH wow can I relate. Many days which were fine.... but just full of that boundary crossing, hugs that are too much, things in my face, constant redirection, constantly being "ON" in the parenting department. It IS tiring for sure. Yes we are blessed to experience the joys of parenthood but no joke, it is a hard job.
  10. Malika

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    Thanks all for the supportive words. I have had to let go of some of my sporting aspirations for him - I was convinced he was going to be a football genius (and keep his mum in her old age :)) because at 10 months - literally - he was dribbling a football up and down our long Marrakesh hallway, even though he had only been walking a month and no-one had ever shown him that with a football! He seems quite good at footballl but not, alas, some Pele or Ronaldo prodigy. But he does have a really strong sense of his body, is supple and agile, very strong. I hope it will all find some good outlet!