Finally got the neuropsychologist evaluation!!

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    Hi Everyone,
    I promise I’ll try not to make this too long. I haven’t posted much lately and don’t expect anyone to really remember me, but I’ve been reading all this time, laughing when you laugh and crying when you cry. I'm going to try hard to be a more "active" (read: non-lurking) member of the community. The last time I was active we were seeking a neuropsychologist evaluation for my difficult child Knight. At the time I was also going through a divorce and things were quite contentious between myself and ex. The neuropsychologist basically refused to evaluate Knight because of the conflict between myself and ex (hanging head in shame)

    Fast forward a few years. I guess at the time I talked myself into believing Knight was not a true difficult child because if he truly had issues, would the neuropsychologist have refused to evaluate him? In the meantime I started a new relationship, became engaged, and Knight, Sprite and I moved to his town in a much smaller school district. A new start, where Knight would not be prejudged by the kids here, was just what he needed, I thought. Knight has matured, I thought. He is not going to alienate the other kids with his behavior anymore. I thought. Was I ever wrong. Knight’s therapist recommended we try again for the neuropsychologist evaluation, this time with a different dr. We got on a wait list and 5 months later…

    Finally got the evaluation last week!:choir: Knight finished about an hour before they said he would (not sure what to make of that) and I had several questionnaires to complete, his teacher as well. I got those back today..and, not sure if I was supposed to, I read them. It’s worse than I thought. He’s totally clueless how his behavior appears to others.

    So my question for you guys, when I meet with the neuropsychologist next week, what’s gonna happen? Is she just going to tell me my kid has ADHD and we have to deal with it? Will she give any recommendations as far as interventions? What should I be asking? One of my big concerns is, believe it or not, the accuracy of my own responses to the questions on the forms. Knight is so hard to read that I fear sometimes I project my own thoughts & emotions onto him & his behavior.
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    The tests are built in a way to sort out areas of concern and everyone questions their answers. He will tell you if anything doesn't match the bigger picture. That's why the need for these big assessments....short ones with very few sources are just not as valid for complex kiddos.

    I highly doubt from what you said that they will say...adhd, live with it. (smile)

    My reports have explained each test, what that means in real life for difficult child, and then listed recommendations for home, school and therapies.

    It's do great that your life is in a happier place and you are able to get difficult child more help.

    Now that you have this done, maybe put in a request for a Special Education evaluation because by the time they're doing it you should have these results to add to the pile. You will know what to push for.

    Hang in there, the wheels are in motion...
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    From experience I think you'll get interpretation and suggestions. Basically, in my humble opinion, the only real questions is "how can I best help my child and make sure he gets all the supports he needs at home, at school and out in the world?" if you have any specific concerns and questions make a list of notes to take with you. Many of us remember on the way home what it was he wanted to ask, lol. I'm happy for your family. by the way, remember there won't be a "magic" answer but it should guide you with your parenting of a difficult child. Hugs. DDD
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    Be prepared for any diagnosis. If he is that socially clueless you may be told he has autistic traits. Whatever neuropsychologist has found, he will give you direction about what to do next. Nobody has to just put up with it. There is help and interventions for ALL disorders. There is help for learning problems, social issues, you name it. You are on the way to finding out how to help your child. I hope the neuropsychologist evaluation was long and intensive. Ours lasted ten hours. And I hope this is the beginning of the very best treatment for your son.

    For those who are lurking or still on the fence, this is an example of how the problems do not just go away and the child does not just grow out of it almost all of the time. Early intervention is your best defense. But any age is better than not at all. Kudos to you and your child. Now be brave and get ready to put that warrior shield on.
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    I read *all* the teachers' comments. Always. :)

    It sounds to me like he may be on the autism spectrum. There are a lot of interventions for that. Yes, maturity helps but not enough. You should get good information from the dr during the mtng. If not, make sure you sit tight in that chair until he answers all of your questions.