Finally the weight is moving

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    I had high hopes when this board started that I would buckle down, make the needed life changes, and the weight would start moving.

    I'm a terrible candidate for weight loss: there's not a single aspect of exercise that I enjoy and I love to cook and I and enjoy food. Diet foods don't satisfy me at all :faint:--I want the regular stuff. I prefer activities like reading and spending time on the computer to hustling around doing anything. When the healthful living board started I budged a few pounds and then (confession coming) I gained 13 pounds.

    A funny thing happened this fall--I noticed that my jeans were getting looser, then they started falling off. My scale at home wasn't working but at my next doctor's appointment it showed I'd lost 16 pounds and at my most recent one it was showing about 25 pounds. I haven't made any drastic change in diet or lifestyle except one and that is that I'm homeschooling my preteen daughter so I'm busier and she's around to watch what I eat so I'm consuming less junk.

    But I'm starting to think the biggest factor was totally out of my control. I've been struggling with severe menstrual bleeding ever since I hit peri-menopause three years ago and this past year it's been really bad. Treatments weren't helping but finally around the time school started it eased up. I can't say I'm a bundle of energy right now but I don't have that sluggish feeling that I did when I was about 6 months pregnant either. I have a hysterectomy scheduled next month so this problem won't plague me again!

    Now that I'm on a roll I have made some dietary changes but not very big ones. I've been a little more careful of carbs. I changed to non-fat Greek yogurt in place of sour cream. I reach for sweets less often but when I do I make them worth the calorie intake. And I've been keeping something relatively healthy in the fridge for one of my meals (these days it's black beans that I prepare in advance to make up burritos).

    I still have at least 40 pounds to lose. I don't know how much more will come off without me making a big effort, but since what I'm doing now is working, I'm sticking with it.

    For those of you who are struggling, I'm with you in spirit.
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    Wow, congratulations! You've inspired me to keep on striving for my personal goals. I'm so happy for you that you not only have lost the weight but that especially because you're feeling healthier!!:bravo:
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    S -

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK. I wanted to share something with you that may or may not be noteworthy in your case. I have lost 79 lbs. slowly, but before I did was scheduled for a complete radical hysterectomy. I had gone from normal periods to horrible periods where I was missing work, had PMDD, PMS, headaches and felt sluggish, miserable and beyond awful. Since I've found out that I was glucose intolerant, changed my lifestyle, gotten on medication (but MOSTLY gotten rid of 79 lbs?) my cycles are back to normal and I'm no longer a candidate for hysterectomy. What was once told to me as a must have - necessary surgery is now - "Well what do you know about that?" is just amazing to me. The cost, the pain, the recovery, not to mention the HRT, the jump into early menopause? (Gosh thanks)

    I was told there was NO other way....and would continue to suffer "unless". I'm in the process of writing the OBGYN that said I had no other choice and telling him what for, doubt he'll care - but I think it's huge. I think I was huge - but he NEVER once mentioned getting my sugar tested. He was more concerned in $$.

    Just thought I'd mention it. The more weight I lost? The better everything felt. I'm so very proud of you !!!!! INCREDIBLE JOB!!!!!!

    WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That's the way to do it!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!
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    Woo hooo SRL AND Star. I am so proud of you ladies. It's also intersting that my recent weight gain is tied into menopause treatment. I've come to understand those hormones control much more that we realize.
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    Congrats! Who doesn't love the feeling of their clothes getting loose?!

    Stay healthy.

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    Excellent. :bravo: