Finally was able to publish the pictures

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We gathered to bake holiday cookies for my mom this past Dec. 10th. I was finally able to get the photos in order & publish them for my family & wanted to share these with my other friends.

Enjoy the show! :bravo:


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Great photos, Linda - and :smile: when you said cookie bake, you meant *cookie bake*!!! :bow: I think your family needs to open a bakery... oops, I'm drooling.

Have to admit I was sorely disappointed that the piano artist was *not* yourself. :rofl:


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What lovely photos, Linda. I enjoyed the show. Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful family :flower:



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That is a really special time. How wonderful. Now I just want to know who they all were. I could tell who your mom and dad are, but the rest I was lost.

That is really special. Thanks for sharing your family.


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Linda, that was great--but one question---Which one are you? Who's wearing the white sweatshirt, I swear it looks like my twin in profile. What an odd sensation---seeing someone else's pictures and wondering how you got in them--LOL.


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Hey nice pictures. Its like my house oldest easy child is baking cookies for her boyfriend for Valentines Day...

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Loth, I'm the "woman of substance" wearing the red top.

The ladies that baked for 10 hours that day included my sisters (the coffee ladies), my soon to be sister in law (katmom's twin), & several nieces with one grand niece (the little one) thrown into the mix.

My older brother showed up to sample our cookies - you know, just in case we screwed up.

I designed & made all the aprons we wore that day. The quote on those aprons is "Even the best laid plans become chaos when large families gather together". It seemed to fit.

Yes, it was a special day. Apparently, this will become another ritual in our family as plans are already in place to do this again this coming December.

In the meantime, our annual cook off is this weekend. Dad chose Chinese as the cuisine. I may post pictures of this, as well. It's always a fun day, with lots of laughter - the winner takes home the traveling trophy. A rolling pin! It's a hard fought prize that my father insists we display with pride (& a spotlight) during our reigning year.

kt will be coming to this event - she's psyched! Keeps talking about our "secret recipe".

I was happy to have shared some of our family rituals & happy times with you.

In this day & age, it seems there is too much conflict & not enough fun.

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Lovely photos. I really enjoyed them. It's evident that everyone was having fun. And I thought I did alot of baking over xmas. :rofl:

Good luck to you and kt with the cook off. Hope your "secret recipe" wins! :grin:


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What a wonderful tradition, Linda. I loved the show- thanks so much for sharing it. It's terrific to "meet" you and your family.


Thanks so much for sharing such a special family day with us!!! I loved the pictures!!!

I've been having a really bad week and haven't been around much. It was nice to see a happy family event. I actually smiled for probably the first time today.

The cookies look so GOOD!!! I think I need a sugar fix ASAP and a nice hot cup of :coffee: to go with it. WFEN

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It sounds like a fantastic tradition! I couldn't get the pictures to work-I'm so computer illiterate I didn't know which icon to select.