Finding out this week if young difficult child will be released from prison...

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    It's been such a long while since I've been on the board. I suppose I try and not dig too deeply into my feelings most days. It's very painful at times to know/imagine what young difficult child faces in prison on a daily basis. I see him everywhere I look on the walls of our photographs. I miss him so much! And of course, see him as the little boy I once spent hours and hours with many Saturday mornings building lego "masterpieces", smile. I see him on the sidelines of the football field...while his brother was the star quarterback...all the while young difficult child just picking at the grass and staring off into space! It hurts to look back. Even caught husband having a crying spell over our son's this past week. 2 son's that have gone to prison now...and a daughter in her 3rd yr of college. ???

    I am still VERY close to my daughter in law (Young difficult child's wife) and children. daughter in law has begun to receive phone calls again from young difficult child and tells me that at the end of this week we will find out if young difficult child makes his first parole.
    Meanwhile...Young difficult child has apparently put himself into a bind...sigh.
    He got some tatoos awhile back...My understand is that it is on his chest and says, "Stand tall fade all"...with lightening bolts on either side. He says to daughter in law that he got them to protect himself...double racial division is everywhere in prison and young difficult child apparently felt compelled to take a side.
    I am so sorry for this...THIS is NOT how young difficult child was raised!
    But, I can't do anything about it. And apparently this "stand" he has taken includes participating in "group activity". Young difficult child has decided now....that he does not want to be a part of that group. But, they are not letting up and apparently insisting that if young difficult child is not "participating" than he is to remove the lightening bolt tatoo's from his chest. Not sure how he is supposed to do that.
    He tells daughter in law that he told them "You cannot tell me what to do with my body". Hmmmmm.
    So daughter in law tells me he was filled with anxiety late last week and cried himself to sleep at night.
    But...It is of his own making.

    So...we find out this week (according to daughter in law's conversation with TDC) if young difficult child get's released. His lawyer told us in the beginning that only 40% of inmates get released after the first parole hearing.

    On a brighter note...young difficult child's son, my very sweet grandson, starts his first day of school today! I am excited for him with alittle aprehension too as he has some speech issues that I hope will be addressed on the one hand and not picked on by fellow school mates on the other.
    Grandson also recently told someone that he "does not have a dad anymore" : (
    daughter in law did tell him that he STILL has a dad and that he loves him and misses him.

    easy child took me out to dinner last night.
    As I said before she starts her 3rd yr of college in a week. She is a survivor...Not a mushy overly compassionate victim in this world. What I mean by that is that she fully expects daughter in law to get a job soon after she stops nursing young difficult child and her 3rd baby. easy child has worked the past couple of summers with several young mothers who also hold down "real jobs'. She is extremely disturbed that daughter in law is not providing for her children that it has been left to grandparents and great grandparents to do so.
    I have mixed feelings as I was raised by many many different baby sitters and left alone to pretty much raise myself after about 2nd grade. My mother was a single career-oriented person who also got her Bachelors degree while raising me alone. There is alot to be said for the "survivors" of the world...those that know how to step up and take care of themselves/provide for their own children, etc. Also something to be said (in my humble opinion) about multiple caregivers who have no bond and no consistency to the child.
    Now...this is not necessarily the case with daughter in law and young difficult child's children. Soon daughter in law's mother will retire (like within the next 2 months) and will likely be able to care for the grandchildren if daughter in law wants to "go to work".
    easy child said she would lose alot of respect for daughter in law if she does not get a job when her mother retires., I have written enough for now. Am trying to read/catchup with you all and will let you know when I know what the first parole decision is regarding young difficult child.

    Good to be with you all again,
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    Hello again...Hmm, no responses, lol, oh well. I know SOMEONE here still cares about me and my family! ;-)

    Just found out from daughter in law that young difficult child WILL BE RELEASED in December....
    I'm pretty nervous about this.

    What I didn't tell you all before is that husband and I are trying to sell our house. When easy child goes back to college next week we won't have ANY young people living with us!!! Hard to believe huh after all the years of taking in the kids friends.

    So...the house has been recarpeted, wood floors sanded and just some painting to do and patch up work...oh and husband needs to finish the fence. Then, we are scheduled to put the house on the market early to mid October.

    I am SO HOPING that the house has a contract on it before young difficult child is released and comes to our home to live. He is quite a messy person and I know how quickly one has to leave the house when it is "showing".

    husband just told me that it looks like he needs to go and visit young difficult child to outline expectations.
    We cannot have him drinking or abusing pain medications again...Or he will have to find another place to live.
    And of course he did not go through any kind of rehabilitation for drugs and alcohol in prison as he wanted to take the "quickest route home"...sigh, and it appears he is getting his way.
    Safe P...which is the prison program that oldest difficult child went through for his stealing in conjunction with Meth use, could have been an option for young difficult child had he told his lawyer and judge about his pain medication abuse and alcohol abuse...but he did not.

    I know daughter in law is thrilled. I am happy for her and ...??? the kids, I think.
    We will find out just how serious young difficult child is about changing his life.

    ps...Please let me know if I have said/done ANYTHING to offend anyone here. If so I am so very sorry in advance....Was just surprised that no one responded to this post yet.
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    Well, I'm relatively new to your history, but I read both your posts. Welcome back! Are there options for your young difficult child to live elsewhere after he gets out? Do your daughter in law and son have plans to live together and begin taking care of themselves and their kids at some point? Forgive me if I am asking questions which have obvious answers. I hope your home sells quickly. You sound as if you are handling everything quite well. Glad to have you "home."
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    Awww, thank you Recoveryingenabler!!!

    Brief history...Both of my son's began using/abusing drugs or alcohol at around age's 13/14. Both were placed in Drug Rehab...Oldest was given worst prognosis after nearly 6 months of rehab, youngest given a chance.
    Oldest went on to be involved with Meth and ended up stealing nearly 10k worth of computer equip from one of husband's clients. We were all able to work out a deal with the prosecutor to put oldest in Prison rehab.
    He is now a hard working, law abiding, family man. He did spend a couple of years after prison abusing alcohol but has been sober nearly 2 yrs now.

    Young difficult child married and went into the Army...his wife expecting their first baby, a boy. Young difficult child was given a General Discharge under Honorable conditions after around a yr and half in the Army. He did not fit in well and was abusing alcohol.
    When he got out, he found out he has a heart condition and got a pacemaker put in. He then began abusing Pain medications. He lived (with his family...a son and daughter) at our home or daughter in law's mother's home or briefly in their own apt for, I think, the past 3 yrs.
    Around 3 yrs ago, he decided to go "storm chasing" (he is a bit of an amateur meterologist) in Amarillo with his wife. He had been drinking and using benzo's...cut himself and his wife called 911. The ambulance came to the hotel they were staying at and took them to the hosptial. Young difficult child got angry that he was not being allowed to see his wife in the hospital. He ended up spitting at 2 police officers that were with him, sigh..
    He got a deferred sentence of 2 Felony's called "Harrasement of a public servent".
    And was also placed on probation.

    Well...Young difficult child has barely worked since the Army discharged him. So probation fees were NOT being paid...not good. Then, last summer, while living at his mother in law's house, he got into an arguement/fight with his mother in law and was told to leave. husband and I went on a bowling tournament trip for our easy child at the same time and were not home. Young difficult child lived with friends for a few days and then apparently went back to his mother in law's home, drunk, and was angry and put his hand nearly throught the windsheild of his wifes car with 2 of their children in the back!
    Well, this lead to an arrest and young difficult child was charged with "Reckless child endangerment"...that charge has since been dropped. However, because of the rearrest while on probation he violated his probation terms...that is why he was sent to prison and is there now.
    Before Young difficult child was sent to prison...He got his wife pregnant AGAIN!!!
    daughter in law delivered their 3rd baby in May. I was with her in the delivery room...another beautiful girl. So they have one boy and 2 girls.

    To answer your other questions...
    Yes, I do know of Sober Houses in our area and have phone numbers, know some of the requirements and costs associated. This certainly could be an option for young difficult child...but my understanding is that he must be sober for a period of time before they will accept him. And really, there is no reason for him to have to leave our house if he is walking the fine line and staying "dry". Sobriety comes from working the steps....and after yrs of AA and rehab only being a place to meet new friends, argue points, hang out....I don't think young difficult child has ever REALLY taken the program seriously since his middle days at drug rehab yrs and yrs ago.

    The other element to this is that young difficult child suffers from anxiety and depression, like myself. I have been dxd with Bipolar Disorder in the past 5 yrs and young difficult child was dxd with it as well at around age 14 1/2. When he dxd the medications made him hallucinate...they just didn't have the same kind of medications that they have now. I take Abilify and have tried so hard to get young difficult child to admit to Dr's his REAL symptoms and his previous diagnosis....But he does not want to see himself as "mentally ill". :(

    None of us know what to expect...Young difficult child has been suicidal at least 3 or 4 times over the past several yrs.
    He can be very difficult to get along with...he is not outgoing or particularly good at the social stuff like his older brother and husband are. He is made quite differently from both of them.

    daughter in law and grandchildren are still living with her mother. daughter in law has shown very little interest in getting a job outside the home. Neither she nor young difficult child seem to have a "drive" or ambition.
    It will be interesting to see if young difficult child will try to get a job...he did apply at UPS a couple of yrs ago and denied because of the "spitting" Felony charge.

    Thank you so much for caring.
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    LMS I'm sure you haven't done anything to offend anyone and there are a lot of people who care. I think this is a busy time of year with summer ending and school starting.

    I hope they release your son into a halfway house and not just send him back home. He needs some sort of treatment. I would make that a condition for him coming back home.

    Remember that his problems are not your problems.

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    Wow, what a story! Thanks for taking the time to explain that to me. Some of us (parents) sure go through the ringer with our kids, don't we? Your youngest boy sounds like my daughter, not too good at socializing, has 'anger' issues, has mental issues, doesn't want to work, not much drive, etc. Have you tried to get him hooked into NAMI (National alliance for Mental illness) I got my difficult child into their net, they provide counseling, jobs, education, housing, etc. Of course, your son would have to admit to the illness. My difficult child has a lot of trouble with that too. They become very difficult to help when they cannot admit to the problem, you can't fix a problem if you don't acknowledge the problem. Sigh. However, you sound as if you're handling all of this very well, you seem to have accepted what is and figured out what your boundaries are. Do you see yourself in a good place with all of it? I imagine you've had quite the journey through with your youngest sons choices.

    I'm glad your oldest straightened himself out. I pray every day that my daughter wakes up and starts to make healthy choices, but I just don't know...............the hardest thing I ever did was to detach myself from her lifestyle choices and her dramas, but it is getting easier as time goes on.............It will be interesting to see how this all plays out when your son gets out, I can see why you have some reservations, especially after having some time without kids!!

    Given your sons mental issues, is it possible he could get into the system and receive housing, food stamps, etc. NAMI helps with all of that by the way, if you're interested. Just some thoughts to get him somewhat on his own without having to live with you.........
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    Nancy, thank you for your reply. You are probably right...Just a very busy time for everyone.
    Your suggestion that we make it a requirement for young difficult child to have SOME kind of treatment, is a good one.
    I see my Dr this week and will tell her of young difficult child's release in December and ask her if she has any suggestions too.

    We do have to have some kind of plan, don't we? Yep...cannot just let it "all hang out" so to speak.
    thank you,

    Yes we all do go through the ringer with these young adults.
    I spent yrs and yrs being thoroughly depressed and completely on edge. This board actually spoke to me initially about getting some help for myself. I got on an antidepressent and I believe I went manic. I also began abusing Benzo's and eventually ended up drinking again (a 6 week hidden binge) after being completely sober for more than 13 yrs.
    This lead me back to AA for myself and also discovering Al Anon as oldest difficult child was in prison rehab at the time.
    I thought I was doing very very well...with the exception of a few panic attacks along the way.
    I went psychotic in Feb of 2007. I had to be hospitalised and placed on several medications. I now only take Abilify and it has worked beautifully for me...relieving the anxiety and depression. I have been sober again for nearly 7 yrs I believe...did not really keep track of a date this last time.

    Most days...I do try and accept "what is" and live in the present. I try very hard to let go of what I can't control...and that will be a challenge to remember when young difficult child comes home. I will have to be mindful that the outcome is not up to much as I want it to be.

    So yes, our family has been through alot as so many of our families certainly have. My husband is also a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for 20 yrs now.
    Mental illness in combination with addiction can destroy many families and we are one of the very fortunate ones to have survived it all up to now. My hope is that we will be a success story as a family.
    Young difficult child is the missing piece. But as you said, young difficult child has to acknowledge the problem before it can be fixed. And husband and I are firmly aware that recovery comes from within not outside oneself. It is a personal daily decision. No one can want it enough for you, sigh.

    I think NAMI is a very good suggestion too.
    I have been more prone to look at AA only because of my own experience and addiction seeming to be more destructive than the initial mental illness. But I do know that until the mental illness is "corrected" long term success in sobriety is more difficult.

    I too hope your daughter will be a success story. It sounds like you have done an enormous amount for her as well. You are a very special grandma to be raising your daughter's child too!

    I'm so glad to be back here. It is so very comforting.
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    LMS - I am sorry I didnt respond sonner... still catching up myself after having been overseas for 6 weeks.

    I think of you often and your stories about how hard it was when your oldest was in prison and then your young difficult child went. I remember the two weeks my difficult child was in jail was just awful for me.... and yet now a part of me would be relieved if my difficult child got arrested and went to jail again. At least then I would know where he was and he would be off the streets.... but I remember your story and think but maybe that would be worse on me than I imagine.

    Hearing that your oldest got clean while in prison and has stayed that way after release is encouraging and makes me hopeful.

    I too hope your young difficult child does not come home to live with you. A halfway house, or some kind of conditions of parole including treatment would be better I think. I hope you sell your house soon.

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    LMS: Please don't ever think that you have offended anyone on this board. I have been reading all the posts but I don't respond very often. My difficult child has been in jail for the past 6 months, and I have been afraid, sad, angry, depressed, and many other emotions about my difficult child during this time. Sometimes it is just too much effort to even respond to posts on this board. However I am very happy that your difficult child will be out of prison in a few months. At least you know that the nightmare of prison will have an end soon. I have read many of your posts and I admire you for having the strength to take care of yourself while your difficult child is in prison. I know from experience how upsetting it is to have a child in jail or prison, and we have no idea when our nightmare will end.

    I hope that you and your husband are able to come up with a clear set of expectations for your difficult child when he returns home. I will pray that your difficult child will have learned a lesson while he was in prison, and that he will turn his life around when he comes home to his family.

    Good luck on selling your house. That is a big project by itself! Many HUGS to you....
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    Hi Sweetie! I just saw this today and have been checking daily for a few days so it may not have been appearing? Anyway; sell your house quick and buy a one bedroom condo!
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    I feel your pain all I can say is be strong set boundaries and do the best you can do to maintain your own sanity, if you lose your cookies over stress you will be no good to anyone
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    Hi Hon! I was just thinking about you as I drove home from work yesterday and I am so glad to see your update. I am literally crushed under mounds of work (you should see me right now- it's 1:00 am and I am still surrounded by the papers & work I started at 9am)

    Good luck with selling your house - I hope that your move will bring you serenity. Do you plan to have difficult child move with you to your new home?

    I really need to go to sleep but I was reading briefly as I try to turn off all of the numbers spinning in my head. I needed to let you know that I missed you and I am so glad you are back.

    We are getting ready to take easy child to college (and drop of difficult child in his former's college town) so I may not be around. I have given up on posting from my phone but I will be reading. XO
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    Thank you all so much for the caring responses...Does sound like many of you are currently or have been very very busy.

    TL, I understand what you are saying about them being locked up vs on the streets. Honestly, I didn't realise your son was now on the streets I thought he was still at treatment facility? I am so sorry. I hope he starts to take an honest look at his life and the choices that have lead to this situation. I know you have tried so hard FOR him...over and over again I have read of you searching, finding, placing your son into various facilities/sober houses. I admire your persistance...and sadly, as we all learn along the way, it is their own will and what they do with it that ends up mattering most. I will pray that your son will stop letting the high get in the way of the help.

    Pinevalley...I understand. I was just thinking about the anger you spoke of and how I don't really have alot of "anger" so to speak of now. I did at the the beginning when they were young and this whole chasing a high thing started. I took it personally. I was angry that after all husband and I had sacrificed for them to give them what I thought was a wonderful childhood...that THIS was the repayment!
    Today, my identity...who I am as a person and the effort and love I have put out as a mother, are not so tied into their behavior/choices. Now, I do have to watch my emotional well-being...I can really get disrought when suicidal behavior is involved...which has been my young difficult child's "thing"...sigh.
    I hope and pray that your son will come "clean"...will admit to himself, to G-d, to another human being, what drug use has cost him, how it has harmed him and others...and then making ammends.
    I think they MUST get fearlessly honest before they can begin healing and start over.
    It is all AA stuff that I learned myself...but it DOES work. Prayer for your hurting heart too.

    LOL about the Condo! Yes, husband and I are downsizing. We currently own a 5 bedroom home on the corner lot. Huge house...and not one we need at this point in our lives. We will move to a 3 bedroom most likely.
    Young difficult child will move with us...assuming he is staying clean and being productive.

    Sig...Thank you so much for your reply. Geez, you sound overworked!!! I hope your easy child's transition into college goes smoothly. It is so hard to see our easy child's leave and yet I am sure great things await him!
    My easy child wrote both husband and I letters the night before she left for college 3 yrs ago. I keep mine in my wallet. It is a reminder that I did do SOMETHING right, lol, along the way. Our easy child's are surely missed though as they have brought so much joy into our lives. I also hope your difficult child will put down his pride at some point and get serious about his future. I think you are doing a really good job at letting go and letting your difficult child own his choices/facade....sigh.
    But again...I have alot of faith in the outcome for your difficult child and your family. Hang in there! And stop working so darn hard!!! smile.

    doggy, thank you for your reply...My sanity is/can be a fragile thing and I do protect it fiercely. I can never go back to being as emotionally strung out as I was in the past. It is a horrifically frightening thing to go be insane, to be hearing, seeing, even smelling hallucinatory things. My psychotic breakdown was like having a nightmare be in real life, reality. It was terrifying to me and others who saw what was happening. The Dr's have said that if I ever had another psychotic would be "harder to bring me back". I have to be careful with my thought life and emotions. I do not push myself like I did for years and years anymore. I live life in more of a stroll than a race now. I simply have to...and living in the moment seems to keep me pretty stable. That, lol, and some great medicine!!!

    Thank you all for caring and welcoming me back "home".
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    LMS, good to "see" you. It's such a difficult balance - wanting to help our difficult child's to not fall into a bottomless pit and yet, trying to detach so that they don't pull us into their drama. My hope is that young difficult child has had time to rethink his life and the choices he's made, and that he and his wife and children can move on from here in a new direction. Hugs to you. I know how difficult it is to worry about them.

    As for downsizing, good for you! Good to hear things are going well with you.

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    Hey, Stranger. Glad to see your post and happier that that you seem to be doing well and preparing to move on to the next stage of your life. I'm betting you are emotionally torn thinking about the empty nest. Hard to believe that your easy child is already moving close to college, how time flies.

    I know each of us has to make our own choices. I very well know that some of mine have been misteps...although well intentioned. Sigh. Are you seeking any input on difficult child#2? IF you are...I think you may have a golden opportunity to help boost him toward adulthood. Chances are he is prepared to agree to most anything to get out of prison and closer to his family. Friend to Friend I'm hoping you find a location for him other than home. Home is just too comfortable and too full of memories of past deeds. I know how much he loves you but if he lives in your home I don't think he is as likely to move forward as a man, a husband and a Dad.

    Whatever happens......I am always on your team. Hugs DDD
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    I wrote you a long response but it got lost in cyber space. The short version: I just saw your post as I do not get ont he board very often in the summer. I am glad your son is getting paroled and has another chance at making a good life for himself and family. I hope he takes full advantage of it. Happy to hear you are well and starting a new chapter in your life with the downsizing, and wishing you much luck with the sale of yor home. =RM
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    Thank you so much for your caring replies, Deb, DDD, and RM. Yall are sweethearts.

    DDD, Weeeelllll, actually, lol...I am REALLY looking forward to being an "Empty-nester". Oh DDD, after getting all new carpet throughout the house and new wood floors and new painted doors etc. The house is looking beautiful and new again (too be we have to sell) but really I am just looking forward to a low maintenance life. Minimul housework, minimul cooking, cleaning, BILLs, lol, etc.
    husband and I are at a really good place now in our marriage and I see a softer side of my husband more and more all the time. It is very sweet.

    Also had to let you know that oldest difficult child is now bickering over interests rates on a NEW HOUSE! Smile, can you believe the H that boy put husband and I through and now he has a wife, 2 beautiful daughters, works his rear end off and is in the process of buying a house? Pretty amazing stuff huh? I knew you'd be delighted for him as we always compared notes on how charming and good looking your easy child/difficult child and my oldest difficult child are/were.

    Made a meatloaf tonight. Preparing to get a U-Haul and move easy child to the house she will be sharing with her other college roommates. She has an attic bedroom...the biggest room in the house cause as she said, "I found the house, set everything up, so I get the BIGGEST room, smile. She has grown into quite the young lady. She has worked the past 2 summers and her job ends Saturday, we move her on Sunday. She never stops moving forward.

    Now...Young difficult child's turn???
  18. Tiredof33

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    Your posts sound so upbeat it's hard to imagine you suffered a breakdown (((huggs))). It is so amazing that children can be raise in the same family, yet some struggle so much.

    Glad to hear of your easy child daughter! Glad to hear of your difficult child turned easy child son - my easy child daughter turned difficult child for a while and spending time in jail literally scared her straight! She now has easy child children and a wonderful husband. Her husband was a living on the street druggie and in his 30's turned his life around. I never would have believed any of their previous lives if I had not actually been there.

    Prayers for young difficult child - I never give up - I know they can always turn their lives around - if THEY want to. But, I have learned to detach as much as possible. Doesn't mean I don't hurt - does mean I am not totally depressed all of the time.

    I too turned to drinking too much when my difficult child was in and out of jail so much. I was struggling with everything by myself and it squished me lol! My difficult child was extremely close to prison, some how he missed it. The times I left him in jail, sadly, I knew where he was and he was away from drugs.

    At 34yo he has a better life, but still has issues, I still pray! I hear a lot of 'people don't change after their 20's', it's not true, I have seen it!
  19. lovemysons

    lovemysons Well-Known Member


    I'm so sorry it took me several days to respond to you.
    First off...Thank you for your prayers for my young difficult child. I appreciate it.

    Yep, I have a easy child daughter who there is no stopping. We just moved all of her bedroom stuff from our home to her new rent house in LA where she goes to college. She is extremely responsible and hard-working. Just finished her summer job at home last Sat...then moved to LA Sunday.

    I agree that miracles can and DO happen at all ages. husband and I used and abused alcohol early in our marriage, in fact, all throughout our teen years. My husband was especially BAD and has been sober and extremely hard-working for over 20 yrs now. By all accounts (given his teen and early 20's) he should have been locked up but was able to avoid that. My husband also has a sister who seems to have straightend her life out.
    Sadly, my husband lost his mother to her alcoholism several yrs ago. I also had a bio-dad (I wasn't raised by and didn't know til I was 17) who was an alcoholic and died a couple of yrs ago. So it runs in both sides of our family tree.

    I think it's fairly easy for me to keep upbeat now (I wasn't so much when young difficult child first got locked up in Prison) but now I am mostly concentrating on the sell of our house. We lost SO MUCH over the past 10 or so years due to difficult child behavior's. Drug rehabs, hospitalisations, EGBS, loss of income from a former client husband's (the one oldest difficult child stole from at 18 yrs old) Anyway, we have to sell in order to widdle away at our debt/bills. I am looking forward to downsizing too...we just don't need this much house.

    And let's face it...Young difficult child is not living with us...YET. The real challenge for me will be to not enable once he comes home in December. put my foot down at the first sign of alcohol/drug use. We cannot allow him to use again under our roof. It is so hard for me to put him out on the "street" even though I have done it before. He is a husband and father of 3 but yet I still see him as a little boy in many ways. I must STOP THIS.
    So...I suppose from the outside looking in right now I have it together. But December will be the tell all!

    Thanks again for your reply, hugs, care and prayer.
    Prayers for you and your son too. Does sound like you have been through alot!

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    Oh I really hope he is released and can cuddle his new baby and his family! He had been doing better so I hope this strengthened his resolve. Good luck selling your house. I prefer less house to maintain too! Hugs to you. You are doing great.