First Dose Colinidine Last night appitite still lacks all week from adderall xr..

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Confused, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Well I been trying to feed him breakfast he eats a lil or not at all. Lunch he doesnt even eat half his lunch, same with dinner is less half or none. I know this is why he feels nausua from the Adderall Xr and now the Clonidine! Im trying sooo hard to get him to eat- Im letting him eat almost whatever he wants for any meal( dinner for breakfast, breakfast for dinner etc.. huge meal, multiple small meals BUT still he doesn't want to hardly eat.

    Clonidine was half 0.1mg pill last night and he said he felt real bad today, ( again lack of eating?) I will find out during the meeting tomorrow how he has been since he started the Adderall Xr. I personally see no difference, even before the medications, once in a blue moon he did a little or all work ( very rare) if easy or I really demanded it( Of course he knows he has to demand or not). Still threats, tantrums, homework issues, anger etc....

    So do I give another dose of Clonidine tonight? I was thinking half of half pill?
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    My son did not stay on Adderrall very long as we quickly saw a very bad reaction. But I do remember him complaining about a terrible headache and stomach ache. I know nothing about Clonadine.

    I have read little that makes me think stimulants improve a child's behavior for the long term.
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    We had immediate positive results with-both of those. We are apparently the exceptions.
    Our difficult child does get an upset stomach quite often. I tell him to eat small meals, frequently and he of course refuses. Plain rice is good. Or crackers if your difficult child can have gluten. Maybe applesauce? Also, I've noticed that smells help, ie. French fries, burgers cooking smell very good and increase appetite.
    My son still wakes up in the middle of the night to eat. But I guess it's better than not eating at all. :(
    Did the nausea occur only after the clonidine was added?

    Good luck.
  4. Confused

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    Thank you both!!! And the Nausea started with the Adderall and he said he felt real bad yesterday -plus, my friend who took him to school said he looked tired. BUT.. he skipped tutoring cuz he said he was sick, came home and went outside to ride his bike and play with the neighborhood kids!!! Uggh.

    So he fell asleep without his Clonidine.. we shall see
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    My son is 13 and we had tried strattera, trileptal, and many others. Finally we tried stimulant medications, and settled on adderall for his adhd. He also takes depakote for seizure disorder, and risperdal for autistic like symptoms. Recently my son had increased to 30mg of adderall, but after some time he lost another 12 lbs, became very pale, and has dark circles daily. We dropped back down to 25mg and added .2 mg of clonidine at night. Has anyone else experienced such extreme symptoms in their child with adderal?
  6. ecloketic42

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    Do you have a way to check his blood pressure? Clonidine is actually a pretty strong blood pressure medication, so if he's suddenly feeling very tired or lethargic after taking it, his blood pressure may be low. Just a thought. About the eating - when my sone was on adderall, I could never get him to eat either, and then he started wetting the bed, which he had *never* done before. At that point we took him off of it.
  7. InsaneCdn

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    If the medication is causing that kind of weight loss, then the doctors need to know. That is not sustainable.
  8. Frieda

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    My son is on clonidine. It is the only medication that has ever worked for the ADHD, all stimulants he tried gave him increased anxiety and caused rolling melt downs. While Clonidine worked for him it made him initially very tired. My son is a moose - if your kid is on the smaller side the dose could knock him out. My son now takes Clonidine ER ( extended release0 during the day which is less tiring than taking another midday dose of the clonidine. My son did not have any loss of appetite from the Clonidine. the worst of the tiredness stopped after a week or so.
  9. 4Tall

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    My son is on Focalin XR with no nausea. On weekdays he eats breakfast before the Focalin, otherwise he won't want anything. On weekends when he doesn't have to get up early, I give him the Focalin & a granola bar at 8 am and he goes back to sleep.

    He rarely eats much for lunch and is not hungry for dinner until 7 ish. And then he wants to eat a lot. He is also on Depakote for mood stabilization.