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    Hello everyone. This is my first post. I have been reading all of you posts and advice to eachother for over a year. I have been inspired by all of you and have cried for you, your kids and myself and my kids while reading. Not sure why today is the day I decided to jump in...but it is.

    Last night my sweet, sweet boy, J, told me that he never wanted to see my rotten ugly face again and that he wanted to leave our horrible disgusting house forever. He was sooo hateful. He is truly a gentle soul and I could see him grasping to find the most hurtful words he could think of. I am so afraid...his illnesses have already stolen so much of my little boy, I can hardly stand to watch this next phase. What if the hateful parts become bigger than the sweet parts?
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    I don't know... but I had to go look up your profile. That's quite a list of dxes, and I'm guessing that there is some depression at work as well, as it isn't unusual in kids that age with those dxes.

    What kinds of interventions, accommodations, therapies and medications has he had to help him? Does he have an IEP at school? who did the testing and gave the dxes?
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    About the profile...I notice that many people's profiles show up at the bottom of the is helpful to see a little about thier specfic life when reading them. Any advice on how I get mine to show up?

    J currently takes: Strattera 40mg for ADHD, Prozac 30mg for Anxiety, Risperdal 0.5mg for Mood Disorder and 3mg of Melatonin to help him fall asleep at night. As far as Js DXES...We, like many people on this site, have seen 8 different doctors over the past 6 years trying to figure out what exactly is going on. So...first came the Trich, diagnosis by me, well and the pediatrician (pretty hard to miss that one). Then we had a neuro-psychiatric evaluation by a psychologist and follwed up with a psychiatrist, in the same group, which is where we got the ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). After about a year under the care of these two...we were still not satisfied that the diagnosis and the medications he was recieving were really getting to the whole picture. As he was getting older and the social expectations of his peers were growing he was increasingly symptomatic. So we got on the waiting list of the "best" Dr we could find. One that we had been reffered to years earlier but did not see because he didn't take our insurance and he had a 10 month waiting list. We finally got an appointment in February 2013. Following the first appointment it was obvious that this man was an amazing doctor and we knew we had found the right place for J!!!! :). Initialy he confirmed the Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and Trich DXES and he told us he wasnt sure he supported the ADHD and he suspected Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Mood Regulating Disorder.

    Fast forward to today...still questioning the ADHD diagnosis...but too much going on with other medications to wean him off of the Strattera right now. He attends a private school that does not have many services. The school has been very accomodating and has worked with us to put accomodations in place to help him cope during the day. He wears noise-reducing headphones and has permission to leave class, at will, if he needs a few moments to calm down. If he is really doing poorly he an call me. He sees a psychologist weekly and is currently participating in a social skills group.
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    Hi there. Sorry you had to join us. You would have to help us along by giving us a back story of his life until now and a medical history of both sides of his family tree. Symptoms alone don't mean a lot unless we know more about his life. Did he have a chaotic first three years? Anyone with mental health issues on either side of his DNA tree? Any siblings with disorders? Dad around? Did he reach his milestones on time?

    If he has any illnesses, I don't see them. Can you please do a signature?
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    Thanks, I didn't realize the signature was different than my profile. I did one.
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    Wanted to welcome you. Hope today was better for you.
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    Been too long since I did it... but there's a setting in your profile that makes it so your signature automatically gets added to every post, or at least defaults to adding profile. I think there's also a way to add it when posting... there should be a "show your signature" box below the posting edit box...
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    I wanted to say welcome to our corner of the web, and also that I understand how you feel. My son has said the most hateful, awful things to me, and it's so depressing. It's not what you think about when you decide to have kids and no one is ever really prepared for it.