First time this ever happened to 'us'!

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    Thank goodness there is a place like this forum where we can share things, we are totally to embarressed to share with any one else!!!

    My son was in a bad mood since I went to pick him up from school! Their school closed for the holidays today...turns out he was very upset because his teacher gave him plenty of literacy revision to do during the holiday!!!! She said, even though he did good, she wants him to stay in practice, because she saw with my son that when he had a long holiday, he struggles to remember all the info....Dont really know whats up with this because he got 84% for his literacy! :(

    Anyway, so he was irritable, rude, "don't care" attitude the whole afternoon....One of the kids living close by, came knocking and asked to play...I sms his mom and she says its fine if he play at our house...But my so was struggling to get along with this child the whole afternoon....this boy is younger than my son....I personaly dont like this child because he has an arogant attitude! my son wants to force this child to watch his movie, my son doesnt want this child to choose the game he wants to son was just being rude and bossy.....

    Then I heard things were getting heated...I went downstairs and found my son talking very softly and in a threatening voice to this boy....telling him to look him in the eye......This poor boy were sitting there in fear with his woody pulled over his face and tears in his eyes....My son told him that if he doesnt answer him or take the cape of his head he will hurt him badly! My son was going towards this poor child and when he wanted to pull the cape of his face I went in and pulled my son backwards, took the boys hand and told him to rather go home! I felt so embarresed, ashamed and said to this child that I am sorry for my sons behaviour and think it will be best if he dont come and play again!

    What followed wasnt a pleasant sight....We went through a temper tantrum that lasted for more than 2 hours because I deleted all his games with any sign of violence or aggression in it....and all the TV's are blocked with only FAMILY channels to watch now!

    I had it! Inever thought my son can or will behave like this! I am searching through my brain what the h*ll happened here! My son says he didnt think the child was afraid!!!! That he wanted him to look him in the eyes, because its disrespectfull not to!!!! OMW!!!!????
    I askedhim why he thinks the child covered his head....he says: because he can!!!!????? I asked him if he didnt see the child is!

    Obviously the whole, "I want to kill myself....I am useless.....I am going to hell......" All that followed, accomponied with sobbing and sadness.....

    Ok....Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)....BiPolar (BP).....or what!!!!???? Personality!?
    I feel very tired, worried, ashamed and confused!
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    I have no idea what it means...but I am looking at his medications and wonder how long he has been on the SSRI. That can cause violence and even psychosis in certain k ids (and adults). The first thing I always look at for brand new and scary behaviors are the medications. I took so many of them and I know how serious a bad reaction or the wrong match of a medication can be. SSRIs can take a few months to kick up to the level where they make certain people act rather crazy. I've had experiences first hand.
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    I also dont like the medications.....Its around 8 months doesnt want to stop.....Maybe I will try taking him of myself....Never made any real difference anyway!
    Saw a you tube discussion with Dr T Attwood......he describes rage attacks in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).....very insightfull!
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    Go very SLOW if you're weaning off an SSRI.

    There are other medications that may have much more impact, if the diagnosis is more along the lines of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) - my difficult child only has "traits", not the diagnosis, but we've found that Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) approaches to various things are working... including some of the medications.
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    Also, for most people (not all), violence in video games or movies don't cause that person to become violent. They didn't have these things hundreds of years ago and there was tons of violence then! There are people, like my husband, that find a lot of catharisis in playing these games. Just like I LOVE horror movies, they can cheer me up. I'm SO not a violent person, it's catharsis. Show me stupid goody-goody shows, and then I might be upset. I can fall asleep to punk rock music, but "easy listening" music gives me the creeps and annoys me.

    Obviously he's only 9 and doesn't need to be playing/watching too much violence or gore, but to take it ALL away might pose the opposite effect that you want. Watch the scary movie with him so you can talk about it while it's happening. Play the weird shooter video game with him to see his hand eye coordination work and him process problem solving. Take away his ability to beat up the monster onscreen, and he'll end up beating up the neighborhood dog instead. He needs an outlet.
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    So sorry! (I just typed a response and the page froze.)
    I think that making all the changes you did created the rage, although he was already ramping up by threatening the kid and it was just a matter of time. I'm glad you overheard him, though.
    I would call the dr and ask how to go about weaning him off the medications. If this is the type of rage he had before, I guess there's no point in having him on them. Unless his rages are fewer and and further between.
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    His irritibility is still the same,even worse than before.......His emotional disregulation is still as bad as allways.....
    BUT his obsessive, restrictive behaviour patterns is better and his a liitle less obsessed with blood and death......But then maybe that has to do with maturity?
    I was thinking during the night....maybe I must just hang in there a while longer before chopping medications, because he is seing a new psychologist next week and seing a new neuro beginning of September.....I have the feeling they are going to all talk together, maybe psychiatrist will change medications anyway? I will just keep on mentioning that I dont really know if the Cipralex made any difference?
    Regarding the violent games and stuff...Allhaileris.....I am the VERY sensitive watcher....Hubby has allways played some of the stuff with husband can watch those stuff without blinking an eye!.....I cant even watch a movie where they shoot a buck! I will just hang in there.....his friend at school, who he always wants to impress with this stuff, because he watches and plays it, is out of the picture a bit, because we have school holidays now!
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    Im not one who thinks that violent movies or video games lead to violence in kids, in fact I think beating up the bad guys on the screen can help them get frustration out but I do believe in taking away screen time for bad behavior.

    I question having a child on SSRI's for the diagnosis's you list. Doesnt make a whole lot of sense to me. I think a different class of medications would be a better fit. However, DO NOT take your child off medication without your doctor's consent and approval. You can cause more harm than good.